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Google Photos now shows short preview clips of videos inside the gallery

I hadn't noticed how static the Google Photos library was until Apple's iOS 13 announcement, when our favorite Android competitor showed off its improved Photos app with smarter navigation and live previews of videos, Live Photos, and more. After seeing that, each time I scrolled through Google Photos on my phone, I wished it could be as lively, and now it finally is... though there's room for improvement.

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The YouTube app's auto-playing home screen video previews are expanding to non-Premium users

YouTube Premium subscribers have been able to preview videos on the app's home screen for months now — videos play silently with captions until you scroll away from them. More people will be able to enjoy the feature soon, though, as the YouTube team has shared that "Autoplay on Home" is coming to non-Premium users over the next few weeks.

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Google app v8.49 beta prepares Collection sharing, Lens image search history, and Workspaces [APK Teardown]

Friday evening brought us another update to the Google app. Unlike the previous version, there are a fair number of topics to discuss from a teardown. Google is preparing a screen for viewing your image searches from Lens, Collection sharing, a few changes to the layout of settings, and there are even hints of a mystery feature named Workspaces.

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Google rolling out auto-playing video previews in Search

No one likes auto-playing video, but auto-playing previews can be helpful in certain cases. Last month, Google began testing autoplaying videos for select searches (like movie trailers). Now the company is rolling out video previews more widely on its mobile Search.

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