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Kenwood Debuts The DDX9902S In-Car Multimedia Center With Android Auto And Apple CarPlay

Seeing which manufacturers will bake Android Auto into their latest models is cool and all, but I'm looking to see which third-party options start appearing on store shelves. After all, I bought my vehicle in 2013, and I'm not looking to replace it in the next couple of years. Fortunately Kenwood has come to CES with one that supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the DDX9902S.


Out of the box, Kenwood's unit has a tacky interface that perhaps only a car enthusiast could love.

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Viper SmartStart App Will Soon Start, Lock, And Unlock Cars Remotely From Android Wear

Coming a few days after Hyundai's announcement, Viper has shared its plan to bring remote start and other functionality to both Android Wear and the Apple Watch. This means that anyone willing to have the technology installed can take advantage of the feature, rather than wait around for their manufacturer to jump on board. The goods are coming as part of Viper SmartStart 4.0.

Viper is known for providing car alarms and remote start systems, which you can get from auto shops or your local Best Buy.

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[CES 2014] Magellan Announces The RoadMate 5430T-LM, A $180 Android-Powered GPS With A Capacitive Screen

Get this - dedicated GPS units are still a thing. Not only do they still exist, people are still buying them. So with these two things being true, Magellan has announced a new line of RoadMate GPS units running Android. These products aim to address a key advantage smartphones have had over their more-focused counterparts, their highly responsive screens. The company is now bringing the finger-friendly capacitive screens they've reserved for high-end models down to a more affordable level.

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0 App Wheels Into The Android Market

Say you are shopping for a new car and the dealership that you were sure was going to have the perfect one for you turned up with only lemons? You want to hit up another dealership, but you don't know where to start. Now you can pull out your Android phone, open the new app and find the ideal auto for you. Are you Dealing with a car salesman who swears the one you like is the last on the lot?

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If You Drive A Saab, Your Car May Soon Be Android-Powered

Auto manufacturer Saab today announced the arrival of their IQon "Infotainment system," which will use Android to power a variety of functions in vehicles.

While used largely for entertainment (music, video), it will also incorporate Navigation and will even monitor the car's on-board computer (external devices are generally used for this purpose now). They boast that it will allow upgrading, personalizing, and even "downloading apps like a smartphone" (I can see the 'don't play Angry Birds and drive' PSAs now).

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Mavizon's Mavia 3G-Enabled Gizmo Plugs Into Your Car, Acts As A LoJack, Texts Your Family, Diagnoses Your Check Engine Light [Video]

Walking around CES Unveiled on the first day of CES 2011, I ran into a little company called Mavizon Tech, showcasing their product with a beautiful name Mavia. I you've never heard of Mavizon, don't feel bad - they don't have many consumer-facing products just yet, but it's all about to change when Mavia hits the market later this year.

What is Mavia? It's a little gizmo box that plugs into your car's diagnostics port and sits there, drawing the power from the aforementioned port.

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