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Android 11 can automatically enable dark theme at certain times or sunsetSomething that Samsung's One UI could do two years ago

The first developer preview of Android 11 is finally out, and now that there are OTA images we can flash to devices, we're starting to discover more features than what Google mentioned in the official announcement. One of those hidden features is a scheduled mode for dark theme, something that was strangely missing from last year's Android 10 release.

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Google Pay can now automatically import loyalty cards, tickets, and offers from Gmail

Google Pay has been able to store things like loyalty cards and coupons for some time, but now the process has been simplified. A new toggle has appeared in the app's settings, letting users choose to automatically add certain items scooped up from Gmail to Google Pay.

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Android Q can automatically activate Battery Saver based on your usage habits

Battery saver can be crucial for eking out those last few minutes of screen time before you can make it to a charger, but the implementation in Android 9 Pie and earlier is a little crude; you could only set it to turn on at a specific percent remaining. In Android Q, you have the option to base it around your routine.

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Google can now automatically group your dank memes (and some other stuff) on mobile

You've been able to save images on Google's app and mobile site without downloading them for a long time now. Last September, that functionality extended to non-image pages, and in April, customizable collections rolled out to replace saved pages. Now, certain image searches trigger the Google app to ask if you'd like to create a collection for the thing you're searching for — and images that fit the bill automatically save to the appropriate collection.

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Android P DP2 Battery Saver remains active even after charging

New Android versions always add little quality of life tweaks, and Android P is no exception. We've had Developer Preview 2 for a couple of weeks, and we're still discovering things to like about it. Case in point: some of our intrepid readers have noted that the Battery Saver toggle stays on after charging.

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Google Photos is rolling out automatic brightness fix, image rotation, and expanded archive suggestions

New prompts to automatically adjust brightness, rotate images, and archive screenshots and pictures of things like labels, menus, and receipts are popping up in the Google Photos app and web interface. We saw this coming in a Photos teardown earlier this month.

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Android P on Pixel 2 might bring automatic color adjustments, predictive settings

In keeping with the theme of doing things for you (see: machine learning-assisted adaptive brightness), Android P on Pixel 2 may introduce options to automate even more settings. The good people at XDA Developers have found evidence that the color calibration page will eventually feature an "automatic" option and that there will be settings suggestions that toggle certain settings based on your routines.

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SiriusXM has acquired Automatic, the car monitoring company

This is a bit of perplexing news. Automatic, maker of car monitoring software and hardware, has just announced that it has sold itself to SiriusXM, subscription-based provider of satellite radio. The connection between the two companies' services might not make sense at first glance, but there is one.

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Automatic Pro review: A simple and reliable - but limited - way to analyze your driving

Automatic is a company that makes small plastic dongles that plug into your vehicle's OBDII port to analyze your driving style and efficiency in the cloud through an app and web interface. We reviewed the original Automatic some time ago. Based on Bertel's experience, I found the original product a bit impractical for one reason: Bluetooth. I don't like Bluetooth. Bluetooth is unreliable, slow, buggy, and finicky in general. The idea of having to sync vehicle data from a dongle over a Bluetooth connection had zero appeal to me - I wanted something that was utterly seamless. And now, Automatic has done just that with the new Automatic Pro.

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Inbox By Gmail Poised To Automatically Suggest The Best Time For Snoozed Emails To Come Back

Since its inception it seems that Inbox, by Google's Gmail team, has had the goal of streamlining your email experience in mind. To accomplish that goal, it makes every email a task, lets you quickly triage messages, and pulls out highlights like reservations, plane tickets, or attachments for faster access. But, according to the official Gmail blog, Inbox is getting one more cool feature starting now: the ability to automatically choose the best snooze date for your messages. For those unfamiliar, a "snoozed" message is temporarily dismissed, bubbling back up to your inbox at the selected date and time.

With this new feature, the app will take a look at certain types of emails to pull out the relevant date and provide a perfect time option in the snooze menu.

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