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Dashlane beta adds support for Android 11's keyboard-based autofill method

Google revealed a revamped API for autofill services in Android 11, hooking right into supported keyboards like Gboard. We already saw what this looks like for Google's own password manager and 1Password, but now Dashlane is also working on making its product compatible with the new API. The password management tool's latest beta already allows you to autofill right through the keyboard on Android 11.

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Chrome 86 will disable Autofill on insecure forms

Autofill makes life easy in an internet full of sign-up forms, but some of those forms can be nasty little — well, some of them are quite lengthy — things that can spill private information all over the place. Starting in Chrome 86, Google's browser will prevent users from utilizing Autofill if the form transmit through an unsafe path.

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Android 11 will make password autofill much better thanks to keyboard integration

Android has offered native autofill since Android 9 Pie, but despite that being an official method, actually filling out passwords and addresses is sometimes wonky, and phones often need a few seconds to recognize password entry fields. Google wants to improve that experience with Android 11 and has introduced a new autofill method that integrates with your keyboard, be it Gboard or a third-party app.

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Chrome on Android adding biometric confirmation for credit cards and an improved sign-in experience

Autofill is one of the handiest features a browser can have. Whether it's not having to remember your card details for online shopping or just saving time filling out address fields, it's super helpful. Now Google is announcing that the Chrome's Autofill on Android is getting even more quick and secure when it comes to payments and passwords.

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Samsung Internet 12 adds partial Autofill API support and upgrades Chromium engine (APK Download)

Samsung Internet is one of the most popular web browsers for Android, but it has always forced you to keep your login information in Samsung's own cloud storage. That seems to finally be changing with the release of Samsung Internet 12, which is now rolling out on the Play Store after a short beta period.

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'Autofill code from Messages' feature spotted, makes entering SMS-based 2FA keys a snap

Last year, a new "verification code autofill" setting appeared as part of a Play Services update that promised to plug the SMS-based 2FA gap for apps that use Android's snazzy SMS Retriever API for verification codes. In short, it would be another way to autofill SMS 2FA codes that might be able to work with any app, regardless of developer support. And based on user reports, the feature may be rolling out.

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1Password updated to support face unlock on the Pixel 4

The popular password manager 1Password can now take full advantage of face unlock on the Pixel 4. Since the phone doesn't have a fingerprint sensor, 1Password users didn't have that easy and secure method for unlocking their passwords. But now that it supports face unlock, it's back to being easy.

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Google rolling out SMS verification code autofill to Android

Certain apps are able to automatically input SMS verification codes through Google's SMS Retriever API. If the app doesn't utilize the API, Android Messages is able to detect those codes and let users copy them right from the SMS notification. Now, it appears that Google is about to close the gap by having its own Autofill service pull SMS verification codes all by itself with the latest Google Play services update.

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Latest 1Password update adds dark mode and enhanced Autofill functionality

1Password is one of the better cloud-based password managers out there, pairing a beautiful design and good UX with tons of security features — leaving aside the controversy surrounding its move to a subscription-based revenue model back in 2017. The developer is quick to support new Android features, though, so the cost might seem worth it for many users. The latest update to the app gives it the long-requested option to create new passwords through Android's Autofill API and a dark mode that respects Android Q's system-wide theme.

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