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Latest 1Password update adds dark mode and enhanced Autofill functionality

1Password is one of the better cloud-based password managers out there, pairing a beautiful design and good UX with tons of security features — leaving aside the controversy surrounding its move to a subscription-based revenue model back in 2017. The developer is quick to support new Android features, though, so the cost might seem worth it for many users. The latest update to the app gives it the long-requested option to create new passwords through Android's Autofill API and a dark mode that respects Android Q's system-wide theme.

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Flipboard adds Google Smart Lock for Passwords support

For quite a while now, Google has been waging war against the age-old password. Whether that be with fingerprint readers, face unlock, or the Trust API, it's something many of us take for granted. News magazine reader Flipboard has added Google Smart Lock support to its app, meaning your account's password will be automatically remembered by Google Play Services. Therefore, as long as you use Chrome or Android connected to a Google account, Flipboard will not require a password to log in, instead remembering it from before (hopefully).

In practice, Smart Lock for Flipboard works almost exactly the same as it does for services like Netflix, which has had Smart Lock since last year (I seriously thought it was longer than that).

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Enpass Password Manager Adds An Autofill Notification, No Longer Requires A Separate Keyboard

By now, you should know that I love Enpass and use it as my password manager of choice. One of the latest additions to the app was the implementation of autofill to avoid the hassle of manually hopping back and forth between your apps or browser and Enpass to copy your login details. However, the first version of autofill required you use the Enpass Keyboard to benefit from it, which was far from an ideal or fast solution. Today's news is for the many of you who pointed that out in the comments.

Now in its latest beta, Enpass is gaining another way to trigger autofill: a notification.

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