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Play Store v8.4 prepares to begin selling audiobooks, show notifications about apps and games, and much more [APK Teardown]

A new version of the Play Store is rolling out, but you're probably not going to see too many changes outside of a couple different banners here and there. However, a teardown of the APK does provide quite a bit more to look at. There are clues suggesting the Play Store will soon begin selling audiobooks, show notifications about your apps and games, change some of the process for downloading certain apps, and more.

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Google Drops The Hammer, Bans Facebook (And All Others) From Performing Non-Play Store App Updates

Shortly before the Facebook Home launch, some users noticed a new version of Facebook was available on their device, but it wasn't through the Play Store. Instead, the update came directly through the app, bypassing the Store altogether. Naturally, there was outrage, people were angry, felt violated, and whatnot. For Facebook, however, this was a way of getting a beta version of its app out to some users without having to give it to all users. It did a similar sort of update just last night, proving that this wasn't just a one-time thing.

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Regardless of why Facebook has chosen to circumvent the Play Store for its own update mechanism, though, that didn't sit too well with Google.

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