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Samsung Cloud is Android device backup done right, launching with Galaxy Note7 and coming to S7 series

Backup/restore features are a bit of a sore point on Android; Google's efforts can be called nothing better than pathetic, while most other manufacturers don't offer a service to entirely back up a device like Apple does with its own iOS devices and iCloud. However, Samsung, which has already had one software success this year, may be onto something with Samsung Cloud, which is launching with the Galaxy Note7. Sam Mobile has confirmed that the feature is also coming to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, courtesy of a 150MB update - it's currently live in Italy and India with more countries presumably on the way.

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Google Announces Easy Access And Organization For Auto-Backup Photos In Drive App

Perhaps you spent the weekend cursing the name Android Police because our rumor about changes to Google+ Photos last week didn't pan out. Well, it did, actually. It just took a few days more than expected. Google is adding support for Google+ Photos to the Drive app, but it's not usurping Google+.

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[Update: It Was There And Hidden, Now It's More Obvious] Google+ Now Lets You Pick Individual Local Folders For Auto Backup

Update: As pointed out by several commenters, this option has been there for a while, but appeared new to many of us, including me (my screenshot of the old Google+ app's Folders section that I posted in the original article shows that the cloud icon wasn't visible to me). I reinstalled the old Google+ app to make sure I wasn't missing anything and upon further investigation, figured out the problem. If, like me, you had the "Backup local folders" option unticked, your folder list didn't offer any cloud on/off icon and you would not have known that selective backup was a possibility. If, however, you chose to backup all your folders, then the folder list would show you the cloud icon.

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