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The Nexus 6 Doesn't Ship With A Turbo Charger In Australia Yet, But Put Down Your Pitch Forks—There's A Good Reason

The Nexus 6 is a big phone with a big 3200mAh battery. Fortunately, it comes with a Motorola Turbo Charger that can breathe hours of life back into the phone in minutes. The thing is, Ausdroid has reported that folks in Australia are finding that their handsets aren't coming with the speedy charger in the box. Instead, there's a weaker charger in its place. What gives?

Screenshot 2014-12-19 at 1.06.14 PM

The issue results from electrical standards in Australia, which the version of the Turbo Charger designed for the global market doesn't meet.

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The Nexus 6 Is Now Available From The Play Store In Australia, Ships In 3-4 Weeks

Update: Aaaaaand it's gone, according to Australian site Ausdroid. It looks like Google isn't having it any easier keeping the Nexus 6 in stock in the southern hemisphere.

Psst. Hey, Aussies. Head over to your local Google Play Store's Devices section. You might see something you've been waiting on for a while.

2014 - 1

That's right, the Nexus 6 is now being sold in the Play Store in Australia. And by "being sold," I mean that it's still several weeks away from shipping, but Google will be more than happy to take your money now.

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Netflix Is Coming To Australia And New Zealand In March Of Next Year

Netflix has announced that its TV and movie streaming service is coming to Australia and New Zealand in 2015. The wait shouldn't be long either—we're talking a period of just a few months, with Netflix set to go live Down Under sometime in March.


At that point, folks living in Australia and New Zealand will also get the ability to stream content to their Android phones and tablets. They can also use other devices, such as laptops and TVs, where they can pump their stream up to 4K in places that support doing so.

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Amazon Coins Come To Australia And Japan, Kindle Fire Owners Get $5 Worth Free

It's easy to scoff at Amazon Coins, but with offers of free ones popping up every now and then, it's just as easy to take that virtual money laughing as you walk away with awesome apps and games. Doing what it does rather well, Amazon is now expanding its reach to additional countries. The company's coins are now available in Australia and Japan.

As was the case when Amazon Coins first launched in the US in 2013, Kindle Fire owners in Japan and Australia will find that the company has already deposited 500 Yen or $5 AUD worth of coins into their accounts.

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Chromecast Lands In Australia And Japan Today

You guys like streaming Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and lots of others to your TV, right? Of course you do, because bigger is better when it comes to watching movies, videos, or TV. It's a scientific fact.

Today, users in both Australia and Japan are finally able to get that satisfied feeling of hitting the "Connect to Chromecast" button, as Google's nifty little streaming gadget is now available in both countries.

It'll set Australian users back $50, and is available from Google Play, Dick Smith, and JB HiFi, according to Ausdroid.

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Play Store Gets "Made In Australia" Category To Show Off Locally Made Apps

There's some interesting stuff going on down under, and it doesn't have anything to do with poisonous animals (for once). Google has added a new section to the Play Store there – Made in Australia. It contains all the best in apps and games from the land of oz.


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[Bonza] Google Search's "OK Google" Command Updated For Australian English

Sometimes Android fans outside of the US feel a bit left out by Google. Not without good reason (and not without telling us and everyone else about it) - Google tends to focus on America for major products and features and expand them to the rest of the world at their leisure. Well Android users down under can now use the voice activation in Google Search and Google Now, or at least use it with a little more ease.

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TV Shows Go Live In The Australian Play Store

Big news down under – Australia has become only the fourth country to get access to TV shows through the Play Store. This will give you Australian folks one more thing to do instead of going outside. Really, why would you want to go out there? The country seems to be crawling with poisonous... umm... everything. I kid (mostly).


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[Deal Alert] Get $100 Off Any Recon HUD (Including Jet) In Celebration Of Australia's Tour Down Under Through Sunday January 26th

To celebrate the beginning of the pro cycling season (starting with the Tour Down Under in Australia) Recon, maker of HUD devices for athletes, is offering $100 off any of its HUD offerings.

Readers may remember Recon for Jet, the heads-up glasses that run Jelly Bean and compete against the still nascent Google Glass for the hearts and minds of athletes. The glasses debuted last Spring, with "Pilot Edition" units going up for pre-order last June.

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[New Game] Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Hits The Play Store, But Only In Australia For Now

If you love Star Wars, pixelated graphics, and frantic management gaming, then today is your day. Well, it is if you live in Australia (where technically tomorrow is your day). Disney, LucasArts, and NimbleBit have teamed up to deliver Tiny Death Star to the Play Store, but at the moment it looks like it's only available down under. The game is a free download for Aussies.

unnamed (6) unnamed (7)

Tiny Death Star is pretty much exactly what it looks like: a Star Wars-themed version of the incredibly popular Tiny Tower apartment management game.

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