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Midweek deals: Discounts on Chromecast, Anker Nebula Capsule portable projector, Anki Cozmo robot, and more

It's Wednesday afternoon! You know what that means: the week is more than half over, and we've got a fresh crop of deals for you. Proceed with caution — there's a lot in impulse buy territory here, from cheap Chromecasts to smart plugs and phone chargers. There are a couple of bigger discounts, too, like $45 off the best portable projector you can buy.

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Aukey has wireless earbuds, USB wall chargers, and more on sale for today only

Aukey produces a ton of accessories, but the company is perhaps best known for its various USB wall chargers. For today only, you can get six of the company's wall adapters, a pair of wireless earbuds, a dash cam, and more for 30-45% off.

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Aukey's 60W USB-C PD charger is $37 ($13 off) with coupon code on Amazon

There are few things more useful than a well-placed USB-C charger. Whether it's your smartphone, tablet, or laptop — some gadget of yours probably needs charging, and one of the greatest luxuries in life, if you can afford it, is the ability to purchase chargers and strew them all around all your usual haunts. Generally, it can be a bit costly to shell out for powerful chargers, but these coupon codes from Aukey make it a little more feasible.

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[Deal Alert] Aukey's new dual USB-C PD wall charger is $28 ($12 off) with coupon code

You're probably reading this on a mobile device. How's your battery doin'? Could it use a top-up? Prolific gadget accessory manufacturer Aukey has a new wall charger that'll recharge your phone and your Switch (or whatever else) at the same time, and we've got a coupon code for it.

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[Deal Alert] This Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 Compatible 2-Port USB Car Charger Is $10.99 After Coupon On Amazon

If you have been skeptical about whether Qualcomm's Quick Charging 2.0 standard is all that useful, this deal is arguably the best use case for it. How often do you head out the door for a short trip and realize your phone just doesn't have enough charge? If you could get it mostly charged in 15-30 minutes, there would be no worries. Ta-da! You can get Aukey's QC 2.0 car charger for $10.99 after coupon on Amazon.


For those less familiar with Quick Charge 2.0, you can read our own David Ruddock's excellent explainer on the subject. Basically, it's a standard for phones and chargers that allows much faster charging without the device getting too hot.

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