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[Deal Alert] Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Edition headphones just $129.99 w/exclusive code at Daily Steals ($50+ off)

We do a lot of Deal Alerts here, but this is a really really good one. Right now over at Daily Steals you can pick up a set of Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Edition 250 Ohm headphones, new and in black, for just $129.99 with our exclusive coupon code. Not only is that $50 cheaper than most places (and $30 cheaper than Amazon's all-time low), but it's the best price online right now, period. In fact, the prices used on eBay are higher. If you've been after some high-impedance headphones, this is a crazy value. 

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[Deal Alert] Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Available At Their Lowest Price Ever On Amazon - $119.99 - Sale Ends At Midnight PST

Earlier this week I posted a deal for a pair of super bass heavy cans, the Sony Bluetooth Extra Bass Headphones. While that set of over-ear audio blasters appealed to some listeners, others may prefer a more balanced sound profile. If that's the style of headphones you're after, you'd be hard pressed to find a pair more popular than the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. Today, they just happen to be available for their lowest price ever at $119.99, ten bucks off their previous low.

ath m50

I could write a paragraph extolling the virtues of M50x's, but I won't. If you want to know why they are so well liked, you can find out for yourself by reading some of the nearly 2,500 reviews on Amazon, which award the headphones an average score of 4.7 stars.

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Audio Hardware Company Marshall Announces Its Own 'London' Smartphone, And It Actually Looks Kind Of Awesome


Music fans and guitar players have been raving about Marshall amplifiers for decades, but the British company only recently entered the broader consumer electronics market with a line of stylized headphones and Bluetooth speakers. It looks like they've got higher ambitions: Marshall just announced its first smartphone, the London, set to release in Sweden (at least) in August. The price will be 4995 Krona, a bit under $600, and at the moment there's no word on a wider release. I'd be amazed if a more expansive rollout for Europe wasn't in the cards - Marshall's website already lists Three, TeliaSonera, and Tele2 as carrier partners.

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[New App] Normal Takes A Picture Of Your Ears And Then Lets You Order Custom 3D-Printed Earbuds

Statistically speaking, if you're using a pair of earbuds, they probably suck. And not just because you've been using the same dingy pair that you got with your iPod Nano back in 2006: even premium earbuds come with the same circular silicone pads (or maybe three or four sets if the manufacturer is feeling generous), none of which are likely to fit you perfectly. There are custom-made options, but most of them require you to visit an audiologist to make impressions, which drives up the cost of hardware that's already expensive.

unnamed (11) unnamed (12) unnamed (13)

Normal hopes to streamline and mass-produce that process (or something like it) by combining some really cool emerging technologies.

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Beats Me: Why HTC's "Amazing Sound" On The International One X Isn't Amazing At All - Even By The Numbers

HTC's marketing of Beats Audio on its One Series handsets has rapidly become a joke among critics and internet commentators alike. And that's probably putting it nicely. The fact that the entirety of the Beats "enhancements" found on aforementioned phones has been zipped up and packaged to flash on any Android 2.3+ handset has, at least in the collective minds of the internet, exposed the Beats partnership for what it is: equalization software and a fancy logo.


I've used all of HTC's One Series products aside from the One V; that is to say, the One X, XL (AT&T One X), and S.

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[Lightning Review] Samsung EHS-71 Earbuds: Great Materials Do Not Equal Great Sound

There comes a time in every multinational electronics conglomerate's life when it tries to get into personal audio. Samsung isn't a particular stranger to the home theater side of sound, and some of its soundbar products actually review pretty decently. But a high-end headphone manufacturer, Samsung ain't. Search "samsung headphones" on Amazon, and you'll struggle to find anything costing more than $20.

The EHS71 is Samsung's first attempt to break into the premium earbud market. And, well, let's just cut to the chase: it's a wash. While marketing buzzwords like "lightweight aircraft aluminum," "high-performance balanced armature drivers," and "ultra micro design" may be able to sell the EHS71's on paper, the sad reality is that these premium buds are all show, no go in the audio department.

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