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[Deal Alert] Audible is offering a free Echo Dot (or $50 off another Echo) and $50 off an annual subscription

Amazon sells a lot of ebooks on its Kindle platform, but it also owns Audible to push audiobooks. It sells a lot of those, too, even though audiobooks tend to be rather spendy. Audible subscriptions are a cheaper way to get the books, and you can save a ton on an Audible subscription today. It's $50 cheaper than usual, and they'll throw in an Echo Dot.

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[Deal Alert] Check your email, Google is giving free audiobooks to some people with a Google Home

If you own one of Google's Home devices, you might want to keep an eye on your email's inbox. Google is giving some people their choice of a free audiobook to celebrate the format's recent arrival on Google Play. Even better, it looks like Google is allowing the promo to be applied to pretty much any audiobook in its new library, meaning you can get an audiobook that would cost almost as much as your Home Mini did for free. 

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Audiobooks now officially available from Google Play

We've known for months that Google has been planning to sell audiobooks, and a recent APK teardown revealed that the announcement would come very soon. At long last, audiobooks are finally rolling out on Google Play Books, and you can even play them from your Google Assistant speaker.

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TuneIn drops out of audiobook market effective January 15th

Subscribers to TuneIn Premium will not be psyched to learn that the streaming audio service is dropping out of the audiobook market effective January 15th. TuneIn started offering unlimited audiobook streaming for Premium subscribers in August 2015, making this feature decently short-lived.

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Google Search now sports options for audiobooks

Audiobooks are great, allowing busier people to listen to books while on the go. Google seems to sympathize with this notion, having just added new options for audiobooks in Google Search. This news comes not long after we discovered mentions of audiobooks in the Play Store v8.4 APK teardown.

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Play Store v8.4 prepares to begin selling audiobooks, show notifications about apps and games, and much more [APK Teardown]

A new version of the Play Store is rolling out, but you're probably not going to see too many changes outside of a couple different banners here and there. However, a teardown of the APK does provide quite a bit more to look at. There are clues suggesting the Play Store will soon begin selling audiobooks, show notifications about your apps and games, change some of the process for downloading certain apps, and more.

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15 app update adds Android Wear 2.0 support

Of all the stock smartwatch frames to use, Audiobooks... of all the stock frames! They had to pick the Samsung Galaxy Gear, a discontinued smartwatch that runs Tizen OS and has nothing to do with Android Wear 2.0. A Samsung Gear Live would have been slightly better, because even if it's never getting Android Wear 2.0, at least it runs Android Wear so it's in the same... Galaxy. But let's not let the mistake of the graphics and marketing team at take away the spotlight from the prowess of their developer team.

The latter has updated the Android app to be fully compatible with Android Wear 2.0, less than 10 days after the platform's official release.

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Audible offers free Channels and audiobooks to Amazon Prime members

Audiobooks are a great way to 'read' when you're driving, cooking, or doing some other activity in which you want listen to something that isn't your favorite musical act. Good thing, then, that Audible is offering free streaming audio books and Channels to Amazon Prime members as part of the 'Prime Benefits' scheme.

The number of audiobooks is upwards of fifty, with the selection changing every so often, so there'll likely be something in that list for even the most picky of readers. In addition, Amazon is offering Audible's newest feature, Channels, to Prime customers, which includes things like ad-free podcasts, comedy shows, non-fiction, and narrated articles from some of the world's biggest and most well-known publishers.

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Audible app update adds shareable audio clips, reorganized channels, and bug fixes

Amazon's official audiobook outlet is getting a few tweaks after its latest update. The most notable is Clips, a new feature that allows users to easily create and share bite-sized portion of an audiobook narration from within the app. Here, let me show you a Clip from one of the Harry Dresden novels in my Audible library (feel free to critique my taste in the comments).

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New TuneIn Premium Service Offers Unlimited Audiobooks, Over 600 Commercial-Free Music Stations, Live Coverage Of All MLB Games, And More For $8 A Month

You've probably heard of TuneIn. It's that app that some kids these days think of as the radio (not to be confused with the static that old people are still able to get their cars to produce). TuneIn lets you stream stations from all over the world, regardless of how far outside of their coverage area you may be.

Now the company is rolling out TuneIn Premium for $7.99 a month. For your money, you get access to over 40,000 audiobooks. You know, because paying for novels individually has apparently become old-school.

TuneIn Premium also comes with over 600 commercial-free music stations.

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