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Google opts all users out of voice data collection, explains what it does with the data

If you've used any of Google's voice services for Assistant, Maps, and Search, you will have gotten a lengthy notice about some major changes as to how and why it collects audio of what you say. These actions are a response to last year's revelations about how humans were contracted to review those clips and how some of them got leaked. The top-line takeaway here is that every user has been opted out of data collection.

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Sony's WH-1000XM4 headphones are official with improved noise-canceling, better voice detection, and more

Noise-canceling headphones are no longer rare—you can even get a passable pair for well under $100 now. However, Sony still makes some of the best over-ear Bluetooth headphones money can buy, and now Sony is ready to take your money for the new WH-1000XM4 cans. These headphones look very similar to the popular WH-1000XM3s, but Sony added a few new features, and improved noise-canceling. Pre-orders are up today for $350, the same as the XM3s at launch.

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Jaybird Tarah wireless headphones can be yours for just $30 from Best Buy ($70 off)

Wireless headphones are becoming a necessity these days with more and more devices removing their headphone jacks. Jaybird has some solid options, but they're usually pretty expensive. The Tarah is one of its lower-priced offerings, and now they're even cheaper thanks to a substantial discount from Best Buy.

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Sony's excellent WH-1000XM3 headphones are down to $220 on Woot today

The unpronounceable Sony WH-1000XM3 active-noise canceling headphones may be getting a little long in the tooth with a successor landing soon, but that doesn't make one of the best Bluetooth headphones any worse — they're still a great choice. If you've been eyeing these to escape the noise surrounding you while you work from home, today might be your chance to grab them for cheap. They're available as Woot's deal of the day for just $220, which is the lowest we've ever seen (ignoring refurbs, that is).

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Android 11's screen recorder finally records device audio in Beta 2

After limited and ultimately abandoned experiments with a native screen recorder in Android 10 betas, Android 11 seems to be poised to ship with one. Compared to third-party screen recorders, the built-in solution used to come with one big caveat, though: It couldn't record internal device audio. That's thankfully changing with Android 11 Beta 2, as the recorder finally adds a dropdown that lets you choose from which source you want to record.

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The best Android power user features you may have forgotten about

With over a decade under its belt, Android has built a long history as Google's mobile operating system. And in that history are dozens of little features, changes, and updates that have added, removed, or modified aspects of that OS in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. But for every new option Google brings to Android, we're probably forgetting one that been in there for years that we've simply not bothered to use in a while. And in some cases, these are pretty genuinely useful things!

Remember you can use two fingers to swipe down for quick settings? Screen pinning? Lock screen messages?

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The best cheap USB-C earbuds: Options from around $15 to $50

As the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack fades into our collective memory, cheap headphones are harder and harder to find. Bluetooth buds are great, but you have to charge 'em. The convenience of wired buds lives on, though, in USB-C. You don't have to spend a lot to get a decent pair, either. Here are five solid picks under $50.

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You can now set your Sonos speaker as Google Assistant's default

Just last month, Sonos sued Google for allegedly infringing upon its patents. The two companies had previously worked together to bring Assistant features to select Sonos speakers. Surprisingly, it seems that this partnership is continuing, at least for now, despite the ongoing litigation. First spotted a few months ago by users on the r/Sonos subreddit, the ability to set Sonos speakers as an Assistant-powered product's default device for music playback now appears to be widely available.

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Klipsch T5 wireless earbuds marked down to $119, a new all-time-low

While the release of Apple's AirPods was a substantial shot in the arm for the wireless earbud market, they are far from the only headphone manufacturer with an established history of producing quality audio hardware. Klipsch, a company known for producing high-end audio equipment since its founding in the middle of the last century, is no exception. Klipsch made its first foray into the Bluetooth earbud market with its T5 Bluetooth earbuds that are now available from Amazon for only $119 — their lowest price yet.

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Sonos sues Google for patent infringement, asks for sales ban on almost all Google devices

Amazon and Google's plays for user data have pushed the battle of the virtual assistants into the living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms via the smart speaker. Sonos, which makes a number of audio products compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, feels it has been squeezed by both companies of its intellectual property in the middle of this war. However, The New York Times reports the company has decided to target only Google in two federal lawsuits and has sought sales injunctions for its speakers, smartphones, and laptops.

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