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AT&T's Galaxy Tab S5e finally gets Android 10 update

Samsung is getting better with updates in general, but that doesn't seem to apply to carrier variants of its mid-range tablets. AT&T has just pushed the Android 10 update to the Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T727A), months after it started rolling out to models in other regions.

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AT&T thinks you'll put up with ads in exchange for a cheaper phone bill

You may not have heard of ad-supported phone plans before, but companies have experimented with them since the early 2000s. According to an interview with CEO John Stankey, AT&T is looking into such plans and could announce them in as soon as a year.

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This is the first 5G roaming agreement for US customers travelling to Japan

Look, we all know the state of 5G here in the US. The latest testing proves that it's not great. AT&T's 5G may be suspect in its home country, but now it's announcing a new roaming agreement that gives customers traveling abroad access to 5G in Japan.

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The Motorola One 5G is coming to AT&T and Verizon, starting at $444.99

Motorola jumped into 5G with both feet in 2019 with the 5G Moto Mod, and the company has launched several smartphones with fully integrated 5G since then. Moto's latest 5G effort in the US is the Motorola One 5G, which will cost less than $500. This device will launch only on AT&T and Verizon, but Verizon's phone will add millimeter wave 5G, and you know what that means.

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AT&T users can now make calls using Alexa

If you have an Echo speaker at home, you'll be happy to know you can now use your Alexa-enabled device to make and receive calls using your AT&T subscription. Once the feature is turned on, your speaker will be able to replace your phone, even if the latter is out of reach, turned off, or out of battery.

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You can now buy the Microsoft Surface Duo in stores

A year after the phone was first revealed, the Surface Duo is finally available in stores. Microsoft's dual-screen invention is now available at a handful of stores, and pre-orders for the Duo are starting to arrive at buyers' doors.

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5G really sucks right now

5G, the latest generation of wireless connectivity, is all the rage these days. Many high-end phones are supporting it, and Google is gearing up to make it accessible it at a lower price bracket with the upcoming Pixel 4a 5G. But how much day-to-day difference does 5G make for the average user? PCMag's annual network testing in the US reveals that while 4G speeds are getting better, 5G is not yet delivering on its potential.

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AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon dropping overages for Texas and Louisiana residents after Hurricane Laura

The U.S. is suffering through a chain of natural disasters, the latest of which are Hurricanes Laura and Michael which have torn apart the Gulf Coast and continue to damage parts of the South and the Midwest. If you live in Texas or Louisiana, here's what you need to know about bill relief from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon plus free evacuation transit from Lyft.

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The AT&T S20 series is receiving the August security patch

Samsung got incredibly fast when it comes to security patches, often beating even Google to the punch. The story is different for carrier-issued updates, but compared to prior years, they've gotten quicker, too. As such, AT&T has started pushing the update to the S20 series and the Note9 while the Verizon S9 and S9+ are in for the patches.

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AT&T and Verizon provide free data in wildfire-ravaged California and Colorado

As of Sunday, more than 1.6 million acres across 13 states in the west have been burning in wildfires. The worst of them are located in California and Colorado and those areas are where AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are providing specific responses to their customers.

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