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AT&T spanked with $60 million fine for throttling grandfathered unlimited data plans

Just last week, AT&T took the wraps off its new selectively constrained unlimited plans. While the second largest carrier in the United States sets its sites on a new era of nickeling and diming customers, its sins of the past have finally come to collect their due. As per an unlimited data throttling complaint filed back in 2014, the FTC has determined that AT&T must cough up $60 million in damages, plus openly disclose all future restrictions placed on its data plans.

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AT&T introduces three new 'unlimited' plans solely defined by their many, many limits

Just when you thought "unlimited" meant unlimited, AT&T makes an announcement to remind us all that's not exactly true. Just in case the current unlimited plans offered by America's second largest carrier weren't enough, there are three more options rolling out in November.

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AT&T is offering free Spotify Premium with its most expensive wireless plan

Got AT&T? Use Spotify? The carrier is looking to boost the appeal of its top-of-the-line wireless plan by making Spotify Premium subscriptions free as an option for its Unlimited &More Premium package.

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AT&T Introduces New Unlimited Data Plan That Requires DirecTV Or U-Verse

Last month AT&T announced plans to raise the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plan by $5. Starting next month, those customers will pay slightly more than what new subscribers fork over for 2GB of data.

If you're feeling left out, AT&T has an announcement that might make you feel better (but probably worse).

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AT&T Will Raise The Price Of Its Grandfathered Unlimited Plans From $30 To $35 A Month Starting February 2016

Mentioning the words "unlimited" and "AT&T" in the same sentence around the wrong person is bound to draw out a long diatribe of grievances and outrage. I was promised unlimited, not 5GB and a middle finger. AT&T has been throttling existing customers ever since it discontinued unlimited plans in 2010. One thing it hasn't done, however, is raise the price.

Well, you can now check that off the list. AT&T will increase the price from $30 to $35 a month.

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Unsurprisingly, AT&T Thinks They Should Not Have To Pay $100 Million FCC Fine For Misleading 'Unlimited' Data Subscribers

AT&T, who prefers to keep as many $100 millions as they can, has strongly suggested to the FCC that the carrier should not be required to pay the $100 million fine levied for throttling users on unlimited data plans. The punishment comes for failing to make it clear to customers that have grandfathered packages that while their service is called "unlimited," they will actually be throttled to 2G speeds once monthly usage exceeds an arbitrary amount that is not disclosed to subscribers.

To sum up AT&T's rebuttal, they say that the FCC is wrong about the current law and wrong about whether AT&T informed their customers about how unlimited data plans work.

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