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BlackBerry KEYone coming to AT&T on September 1, with exclusive 'Space Black' model

The BlackBerry KEYone has done a pretty good job of filling the keyboard phone niche, however large that might be. And TCL, the device's manufacturer, has even improved the build quality since launch. In the United States, the only carrier offering the KEYone has been Sprint, but AT&T is about to join the QWERTY party.

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AT&T Is Giving Away A Free 48-Inch Samsung Smart TV When You Buy A Galaxy S7 Or S7 Edge On Next And Activate A New Line Or Purchase DirecTV Starting Tomorrow

For an idea of how much money carriers make providing you with service, look at what they're willing to give away to gain a new customer. Consider AT&T. Starting tomorrow, the company will give a free 48-inch Samsung Smart TV to customers that buy a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on AT&T Next and activate a new wireless line or start DirecTV service.

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AT&T Brings Back The $100 Bill Credit For New Lines On AT&T Next

It's almost like the big US carriers are competing for your business all of a sudden. How quaint. AT&T is hoping to lure some new customers by bringing back the $100 bill credit, but only if you sign up for AT&T next.

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Fun Fact: AT&T And VZW's New "Jump"-Like Upgrades Will Actually Make Leaving Your Carrier Early More Expensive

Late last night, AT&T began promoting its new "Next" smartphone upgrade plan in earnest. And earlier yesterday, a leaked training document revealed Verizon's "Edge" upgrade plan. Both are very obvious four-letter copies of T-Mobile's new Jump plan. Let me give you the breakdown on these Jump competitors as quickly as I can.

AT&T will allow you to finance (0% interest, no down payment, no finance charges) a phone for 20 months, pay it off monthly, and after 12 months of payments, will let you trade it in and start financing a new phone, and remaining payments on the old phone will be forgiven.

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