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AT&T announces satellite-free streaming TV service called DIRECTV NOW with no data cap for AT&T mobile customers

AT&T announced a major development following its merger with DIRECTV, adding to what is quickly becoming a byzantine mixture of offerings for those who want a cable channel package. The latest service, called DIRECTV NOW, can best be described as a streaming version of DIRECTV's satellite channel lineups. In other words, DIRECTV NOW is a bit like a beefed-up Sling TV.

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AT&T Rumored To Make $50 Billion Bid For DirecTV

Satellite television has been experiencing a rough transition as consumers in the US increasingly turn to internet-based video services like Netflix and Hulu, and it looks like the current industry heavyweight DirecTV is ripe for the picking: AT&T is rumored to be making a $50 billion bid for the company.


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AT&T operates its own television brand, UVerse, though that system is powered by Ma Bell's DSL broadband infrastructure. A switch to a satellite-based video service could free up bandwidth for AT&T's internet offerings, allowing them to remain competitive in the face of increasing speeds from rival cable companies.

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