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Action shooter Towaga from the makers of The Firm is visually stunning

Sunnyside Games haven't released many titles so far. Their only mobile game is The Firm, a twitch arcade designed in an 8-bit style that is also available on iOS. They also have an Oculus title, Anshar Wars 2, but that was all of it until recently. Towaga is the studio's third title and it is stunningly designed.

Gone are the 8-bit designs of The Firm and instead you'll see high definition graphics and beautiful elements. The atmosphere of the game is dark and eerie with supernatural creatures and neon colors. You play as a masked being standing still on top of the Towaga Temple and fight all the weird creatures that come your way with a ray of fire/light.

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Creepy Platformer And Steam Favorite LIMBO Crawls Into The Play Store For $5

unnamedunnamedIn English, the word "limbo" can refer either to a party dancing game where participants walk under a horizontal bar or a theological concept referring to plane of existence between life and damnation. Take a look at the screenshot above. Which one do you think the game LIMBO is about?

LIMBO debuted on Steam, Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network and other download services back in 2010. It helped kick off the current trend for dark and moody platformers focused on exploration and atmosphere more than twitchy action. You play a young boy trapped in a nightmarish twilight as he searches for his missing sister.

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15 Hauntingly Beautiful Dark And Atmospheric Android Games

While there is no shortage of puzzle and arcade games on the Android platform, it can be easy to get drawn into the mainstream hits like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. The first time I stumbled onto a "darker" game, I had downloaded World Of Goo as part of a Humble Bundle, and was instantly mesmerized by its graphics and sounds. There was something hauntingly beautiful about it, and I ended up on the Play Store looking at the "Similar Apps" and "Users also installed" sections. Fast forward hours of going down that rabbit hole, jumping from one listing to another, I emerged with a collection of games that seemed to fit into that same category of atmospheric puzzles and adventures.

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