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[Deal Alert] Google Store drops the ASUS OnHub to $129 ($70 off) and the TP-LINK OnHub to $145 ($54 off)

You may recall when Google released the first OnHub router, manufactured by TP-LINK, back in 2015. Then a year later, the Google Wifi was introduced, replacing the entire OnHub product line. Perhaps in an effort to clear warehouse space, Google has discounted the ASUS OnHub to $129 ($70 off) and $145 ($54 off).

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[Deal Alert] TP-Link and ASUS OnHub routers are 38% off (down $75) on Amazon

One thing we're all thankful for as geeks is the multitude of deals on phones, gadgets, accessories, and general nerdy stuff. And we're even more thankful when said deal is on a piece of technology that benefits all the other pieces of technology in our possession, like the router.

If you want to upgrade your router setup at home, you can grab an ASUS OnHub or TP-Link router from Amazon today for a significantly discounted price. Both are 38% off, which brings their price down about $75. The ASUS goes from $199.99 to $123.99 and the TP-Link goes from $199.99 to $124.89. This is the best deal we've seen on both routers; previously, the ASUS was down to $130 once and the TP-Link never went lower than $179.87.

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