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AI email client Astro is shutting down after being acquired by Slack

With Inbox by Gmail saying goodnight in March 2019, some of us will be looking for a new experimental email client. Sadly, one potential replacement will no longer be an option: Astro is being acquired by Slack and will cease to operate as a standalone app on October 10.

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Astro's voice assistant is dedicated to managing your emails

The Astro email app launched earlier in the year with the promise of helping you to clean up your inbox using AI. It's available for Office 365 and Gmail accounts and had garnered praise from users of both services. There's an integration that lets you manage your emails from Slack, and since June it's been possible to manage your emails with Astrobot Voice via an Alexa Skill on Amazon's Echo speaker. That same voice assistant functionality is now available directly from the app.

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Astro File Manager gets a complete redesign in v6.0 beta

One of the first apps I downloaded on Android was Astro File Manager, which was the clear leader in the early days of the platform. It's got more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store, but a lot of users have moved to other apps. Maybe some will come back to Astro with the new v6.0 update, which is currently in beta. It's a pretty significant redesign.

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ASTRO File Manager Updated, Brings Skydrive Integration, Image Viewer, And Text Editor

There may be a slew of file managers out there to choose from, but when it comes down to it, ASTRO is still my personal favorite. Maybe it's because I've been using since the OG Droid days. Maybe it's because of the continuous development. Or maybe because it just works. Regardless of the reason, there's no denying that it's easily one of the best choices when it comes to a file manager on Android. And as of today, it's even better.

Screenshot_2012-11-15-12-36-04 Screenshot_2012-11-15-12-37-09 Screenshot_2012-11-15-12-36-43

ASTRO was updated with a few new features, including SkyDrive integration - which is in addition to existing support for Dropbox and Drive - as well as an in-app image viewer that supports rotation and sharing, and an all new text editor.

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ASTRO File Manager Receives Major UI Overhaul For Jelly Bean Users

As a long time Android user, ASTRO is one of those apps that has been on nearly every device I own/have owned. I've seen it change and progress over the years, and to this day it remains one of my favorite file managers.

And it just got even better on Jelly Bean devices.

Screenshot_2012-08-28-20-42-34 Screenshot_2012-08-28-20-42-27 Screenshot_2012-08-28-20-42-48

The app received an update today that brings a beautiful new UI to Jelly Bean devices; don't worry, the ASTRO team will be bringing it to "other" devices shortly. The look and feel is very Holo Light, which works quite well for this type of app.

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Astro Updated With Honeycomb Hotness

Nothing excites me more than a new app for my poor, neglected tablet. Today, Astro is joining the party with version 3.0 of their venerable file manager. The new Astro sports a completely redesigned UI and icons, and drag and drop support. Look how pretty:


And it still works with all the cool Astro plug-ins, like Bluetooth and SMB networking. You know the drill, Astro is available in the Android Market. Go. Download.

File Manager by Astro (File Browser)
File Manager by Astro (File Browser)
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Follow-Up: Astro File Manager Goes Pro, Removes Ads

Yesterday we published a piece regarding Astro File Manager’s now-mandatory ads. Earlier today, the developer of Astro (Metago) released Astro File Manager Pro. It comes in at $2.99, and its  only “Pro” feature at the moment is that it removes ads from the application.


Some users may feel this is a cheap-shot. I disagree. Metago has taken the high ground in regard to the paid apps philosophy, here’s how. The ad-supported version of Astro has all the features of Astro Pro, and is in no way limited in its functionality. To say that the developer deserves no income from their application (which is far and away the best file explorer on Android) is rather ludicrous, given the readily apparent effort put into Astro File Manager.

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Astro File Manager: Now with Forced Ads!

Before I start I’d like to make on thing clear – I think ASTRO File Manager is a superb file management application and I have nothing against their developers or the app itself!

If you’ve used an Android phone, you probably know what Astro File Manager is. Briefly, it’s a file management application that lets you organise, edit, and manage the files on your SD Card. Not only that, but it also comes bundled with extra features such as application backups, task manager, SD Card Usage monitor. Overall, it’s a great application all-around.

Up until now this application has been free, with no advertisements (although there was always a beta expiration warning when you first ran the app).

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