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The Stadia controller's Google Assistant button now works during gameplay

When Google announced Stadia, it talked up what the Assistant could do for players in-game: its voice assistant would answer gameplay questions and even pull up video tutorials to help with particularly tricky bits. We're now one step closer to that reality, as basic Assistant functionality is finally accessible during gameplay on Stadia.

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Google Assistant's visual snapshot now includes recipe suggestions

Google Assistant's visual snapshot feature is intended to be a daily feed that provides you with all the necessary info you need to go about your day. Along with the weather, reminders, and upcoming appointments, the visual snapshot now includes...recipe suggestions. I mean, who doesn't like a good pizza recipe to start their day? Unfortunately, you can't remove it.

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Google Assistant may start suggesting actions you take at certain times of the day

Google's Assistant may be picking up a new predictive trick that should save you a bit of time. A new notification asking if you'd like to trigger an Assistant-based command you frequently make at a specific time has been spotted, asking if you'd like to perform it because "you've asked for this before around this time."

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Google Assistant’s Find My Device command finally helps you locate more than 2 phones

Google's Find My Device service is invaluable when you lose your phone while you're out and about, but it's also great if your handset disappears in the vast void that is your couch, bed, or hallway. Just hit up Google Assistant on one of your smart home speakers or displays and ask it to "Find my device." However, for people who juggle more than two phones at once (like us here at Android Police), this can quickly turn into a frustrating experience, as Google would only help you find the two most recently used phones. That has changed — the Assistant will now give you a selection of up to nine phones at a time.

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Google is starting to treat third-party smart speakers as first-class citizens

Google has just announced a handful of changes that are rolling out to third-party Assistant speakers. As usual, some of these changes are old (Google loves to announce stuff way after it actually lands), and the very short version is that Google is opening up three important Assistant features to some third-party smart speakers.

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Google swiftly renames DC street Black Lives Matter Plaza on Maps, gives Assistant BLM answers

Google's been rolling out a few changes in response to current events. Following the official renaming of a two-block stretch of 16th street in Washington DC in front of the White House to "Black Lives Matter Plaza," Google has also updated that street section's name on Google Maps. The company has further added some new Assistant responses when customers ask it questions like "do Black lives matter?"

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Google accidentally publishes developer details for doorbell and styler Assistant integrations

Over the weekend, Google tweaked and subsequently reverted a change to its Assistant developer documentation. Two ostensibly "new" device types were added to its list: doorbells and stylers. Note, neither of these are actually new, and Assistant-integrated products in both categories already exist. We're pretty sure Google simply leaked developer- and manufacturer-facing documentation for the two categories that wasn't previously public.

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'OK Google, open Assistant settings' could be the simplest way to get to Assistant settings

The Google Assistant is incredibly powerful once you start diving deeper into all of the custom voice commands and routines you can build for it. Unfortunately, these options live in the Assistant settings, which is rather hidden and hard to access — you need to invoke the Assistant, swipe up, wait for your profile picture to show up in the top right corner, and tap it to head there. Google seems to recognize this and has highlighted a neat voice command that gets you there instantly: "OK Google, open Assistant settings."

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The Lenovo Smart Clock will kick you out of bed for $40 ($50 off)

If you're looking for an inexpensive miniature smart display, the Lenovo Smart Clock is worth considering. It cost $80 at launch, which was too high for what it offered. Thankfully, you can now snatch it for half its original price, as it's dropped to just $40.

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Google confirms new voice-confirmation feature for purchases in Assistant

A new setting to allow Voice Match to confirm purchases made through the Google Assistant has been spotted in the Assistant's Payments and Security settings pane. We've confirmed with Google that the new feature is part of an early but limited pilot that allows you to authorize purchases in a handful of categories with just your voice via the Assistant. Piles of Google's support documents have been recently updated to reference the feature.

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