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Google preparing Assistant Continued Conversation for phones

Google has slowly been rolling out Continued Conversation across its smart home devices. Assistant-equipped displays have only received the feature that allows you to keep on talking without shouting "OK Google" for every consecutive command in March. It seems like Google is now also preparing to launch Continued Conversation on phones, as evident by a new Phone setting for the feature which some people are receiving via a Google app update.

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[Update: Allo too] You can speak to Assistant in Korean on your phone and Android Wear watch

At I/O this year, Google promised support for the Korean language would be coming by the end of the year to Assistant. Then at the October Pixel event a couple of weeks ago, Google also stated that Actions on Google (third-party Assistant integrations from different services) now support Korean. Between then and now, it appears that support for the Korean language has gone live on Assistant.

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