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Google Assistant adds support for router and network control

These days, you can control most of your smart home using only your voice — Google Assistant lets you adjust your bed, mow the lawn, open your closets, start your Xbox, control your TV, and so much more. Routers and networks are the latest new addition to the Assistant's library of natively supported actions, allowing for things like reboots, software updates, and parental controls on third-party networking devices.

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Google Maps finally gets usable voice commands with Assistant integration

Today Google is (finally!) announcing its rollout of real Assistant integration into Google Maps, though it was spotted in testing late last year, and announced at I/O. Gone are the days of limited voice controls in navigation. Soon we'll all be able to harness Google's full Assistant and all its enhanced functionality — from asking to play music, read/reply to messages, sharing Maps' ETA, and even add new stops on your way.

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Android Messages will probably get Allo's Google Assistant integration

This spring, Google announced "pausing" development on Allo as it repurposed development resources for RCS/Chat and Android Messages. At least one feature from Allo seems to be making its way over to Android Messages as a result of the change, though. The folks at XDA have just discovered hidden Assistant integration in Android Messages — though it's a bit incomplete at the moment.

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Genesis, the luxury automobile manufacturer, now allows you to send commands to your car via the Google Assistant

Genesis, the new luxury arm of car manufacturer Hyundai, has just announced that its cars will be able to take commands from the Google Assistant. Gone forever are the days of having to wait until you are actually buckled-up to set the thermostat. Now the next time it's a bit warm out, you can let Google know to start your car and turn on the AC. 

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