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Ok Google, don't be derpy: Assistant plays a song every time this guy tries to turn off his lights

As Google crams more and more capabilities into Assistant, we've noticed a bit of a decline in the virtual helper's "intelligence." Things that used to work well have become hit-and-miss, others that seem obvious to our human brains are handled in a ridiculously dumb way, but at no point in time has Assistant shown off its true cluelessness better than in this latest bug, which is affecting one of our readers. Each time he wants to turn off the lights, he gets a YouTube video of a song about turning off the lights. Genius.

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Google Assistant lets some users send texts without unlocking their phone

One of the many trade-offs companies face in developing voice assistants is balancing user privacy and utility. Relying on voice commands alone may be very convenient, but what happens when those commands rely on information secured behind your phone's lockscreen? Google seems to be thinking about this very problem right now, as the company tests relaxing existing Assistant lockscreen restrictions, and allowing some users to send text messages without first unlocking their phones.

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