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Assassin's Creed Pirates Goes Freemium, Gets Updated With New 'Cold Blood' Content

After toying around with Assassin's Creed Pirates' price tag over the past few months, Ubisoft has decided to drop it entirely. The game contains in-app purchases that raise revenue through other means, but now players are empowered to hop in and start sailing without having to pay a cent.

Ubisoft has also updated the app with a "Cold Blood" chapter that leaves behind the warm Caribbean for the frigid Arctic Seas. A new crew member that can help gather resources is present to help players survive this new adventure, and there are new ship customization options.

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[New Game] Assassin's Creed Pirates Sails Into Google Play On Schedule With A Shipment Of Real-Time Naval Combat

Yarr, matey. Are ye ready to set sail for adventure and plunder on the waves? Assassin's Creed Pirates has arrived on Android as promised, and it's brimming with high seas adventure and impressive visuals.

You play a pirate captain searching for fame and fortune in the hulls of defeated enemies. The first vessel under your command is a modest one, but being a successful pirate will let you move up in the world.

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