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Pixel 4 doesn't let you use Android Pie's two-button gesture navigation

Android 9 Pie introduced the first form of gesture navigation, changing the three-button navigation bar into a pill-shaped button with a separate back key. Android 10 came with a new full-screen gesture navigation mode, and if you get a Pixel 4, it's the only option — besides the classic three-button nav, that is.

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Google expands Play Points program with promo codes, but you probably still can't use it

Ever heard of Google Play Points? Unless you live in Japan or South Korea, the only two countries that the rewards program is currently offered in, we're guessing you probably haven't. Anyway, Google has just added promo codes to the Play Points program portfolio.

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Don't upgrade to Android 10 if you rely on cross-device clipboard syncing

Many of Android 10's changes, like the new dark theme and extra notification management tools, are popular additions to the platform, but not every tweak is so well-loved. If you relied on clipboard syncing for your mobile-to-desktop workflow, you're out of luck. Google nerfed clipboard managers as part of Android 10, and now that the update is rolling out to Pixel users widely, those that depended on that functionality to stay productive are out of luck.

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[Update: Now $120] Upgrade from that Fire tablet to a 32GB Lenovo Tab 4 10" for $130 ($50 off)

If you're looking to grab an Android tablet to perform some menial or easily automated programming tasks or just like having that extra device lying around to play with, it looks like we're in the clearance stage for Lenovo's 10.1" Tab 4. That means you can grab one from either Amazon or B&H for a fair price.

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Chamberlain myQ Google Assistant and IFTTT integration is free for a limited time

Chamberlain's myQ garage door openers allow you to check whether your garage is open or closed and control it remotely using an app. That basic functionality is free, but integration with services like Google Assistant and IFTTT are what the company calls "Premium Services," and they normally cost a dollar a month. For a limited time, though, year-long subscriptions to those services are free.

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Android Q fixes major oversight in cloud backup implementation

You're no dummy — you know just how fragile this digital life you've built can be — and so you take all manner of steps to protect yourself, using strong passwords, keeping on top of the latest software updates, and making backups of all your important data. And when it comes to Android, that's meant taking advantage of the system's native ability to save settings, apps, and personal info to Google Drive, ready to be restored when you need it. While that's been working just fine, it's taken until this week's release of Android Q Beta 1 to correct one glaring oversight, giving backup a new icon design that finally makes sense.

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YouTube reorders video resolution options so it's easier to pick the highest quality first

One feature I wish YouTube had is an option to select a default resolution for video playback. My internet situation is so bad (WiFi is rather slow, 4G has a silly cap) that I always resort to 360p or 480p to avoid buffering or eating through my plan, so for now, I have to open the quality picker each time and choose the one I want. Those of you who are luckier than me had to do the same, only you'd be picking the highest quality instead. But things have now gotten a little easier for you and a little harder for me.

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[Deal Alert] Artem-approved Kenu Airframe+ car vent mount $19.99 on Amazon ($10 off)

Look, sometimes we write things here on Android Police because Artem wants us to write them. And when Artem demands asks for something, you oblige because you fear respect him. That's the case with this deal. We tried to surreptitiously mark the post as done in our internal to-do list, but he kept re-opening it. So here we are, it had to be done and I decided to take the bullet. Bear with me as I try to make this seem interesting and fun.

The Kenu Airframe+ is a car air vent mount. It's a big mount that expands to 8.6cm to accommodate larger phones.

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You won't believe which app just crossed 500 Million downloads on the Play Store

Clickbait! Clickbait! Clickbait! What is Android Police becoming? BuzzFeed?!

There, I said it before you did, but in my (terrible) defense, I was the victim of the same clickbait and so was the entire Android Police team. You know why? Because our very own esteemed boss and all-around annoying but awesome and fierce leader Artem Russakovskii decided to add this task to our article to-do list with this same clickbaity title. So we all clicked to see which app it was - we had to know! And because I love all of our readers, I thought I would give you a taste of what it feels like to work at the Android Police virtual office and to be treated the same way that we are. 

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