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Google Design Gives An Inside Look At Carl Kleiner's Paperscapes (Plus Two New Wallpapers)

If you didn't already know, photographer Carl Kleiner is the mind behind the enchanting "material" wallpapers that came with Android Lollipop, and with more recent versions of Chrome and the Google app on iOS.

With the release of Marshmallow, Kleiner is back with even more creations and two bonus wallpapers to celebrate the release. But besides all that, Google Design has posted an interesting peek into the process behind the creations, called paperscapes, to its blog.

The new paperscapes go beyond the scope of the original pieces, integrating more complex geometry, greater color and textural contrast, and new materials like colored water and powdered ink to create compelling pieces that - at first glance - don't look like they could possibly be photographs.

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Adobe Releases Illustrator Draw And Capture CC Apps In The Play Store

Ah, Adobe. You can't turn around without Adobe either discontinuing or releasing another app that fits somehow into its complicated product ecosystem. Today we're getting Android versions of Illustrator Draw and an app called Capture CC. The functionality of this one isn't technically new—it's an amalgamation of three other apps, which are being phased out.


VoxelMaker Lets You Build 3D Pixel Art Worlds With Simple Touch Controls And Dynamic Lighting

So you're not an artist, no problem. VoxelMaker allows you to create any scene you can dream up and render it with lighting effects, depth of field, and more. What can you build with hundreds of tiny cubes? Probably lots of things.


NVIDIA Updates Dabbler To v3.0 With Better Oil Painting Rendering, UI Tweaks, And More

NVIDIA is always coming up with new ways to show off the power of its chips, and Dabbler is probably one of the more entertaining. This app is bundled with the SHIELD Tablet, but it has gone through a major revamp since release. Now v3.0 has hit the Play Store to make your doodles even prettier.

 2015-03-19 06.02.04 2015-03-19 06.20.29

Left: old, Right: new

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Autodesk 123D Sculpt+ Lets You Play Around With Pro-Style 3D Modeling Tools

Capacitive touchscreens are not ideal tools for 3D modeling. Unless you have an active digitizer and stylus, or superhuman patience, or preferably both, the amazing models on display in the screenshots below will probably be unattainable in the new 123D Sculpt+ app. But that doesn't mean it's not fun to try out a tool that, at least on a technical level, has a lot in common with professional 3D modeling programs. The app comes from Autodesk (a company which should know a thing or two on the matter) and it's a free download.

unnamed (2)

Sculpt+ makes a few concessions to the limitations of modeling on phones and tablets.

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Autodesk Releases Pro-Level SketchBook Drawing App On Android

The basic version of Autodesk's SketchBook app has been in the Play Store for a long time, but now the professional version has come to Android. Autodesk SketchBook has more advanced tools, a ton of brushes, layer support, and a lot of it can be accessed for free. Of course, the best stuff is behind a paywall, but it's not too expensive.

1 2 3

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Abstract Photo Editing App 'Fragment' Brings Its Artsiness To Android

There's something about our camera-equipped portable mini-computers that makes app developers look at them as the perfect platform for yet another niche photo editing app. Want to add text to your images? Here's something for that. Want cool filters? Try this on for size. Want to feel like Snoop Lion? Of course you do. Fragment doesn't even claim to make your photos better. It just makes them... different.

fragment1 fragment2 fragment3

Fragment gives users the power to change their plain photos into abstract works of art. The developers call it prismatic art. I wikied that word, but that only turned up yet another app.

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[New App] Hyper-Specialized Image Editing App 'Over' Brings Its Text And Clip Art-Adding Abilities To Android

Sometimes the secret to success is to pick one thing and do it well. You could easily make the presumption that "image editing" may count as a thing, but in this case, think even more specific. Over is an app that specializes in letting users place text or basic artwork on top of their photos.

Seriously, that's all it does. And it's done it well enough to attract millions of users on iOS and, according to TechCrunch, a million in funding (which the developer reportedly turned down). There's money and fame to be found in keeping it simple.

The easier the promise, the easier it is to deliver.

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Updates To AOSP Confirm Dalvik Runtime Will Be Removed From Android, ART Officially Takes Its Place

It looks like Google is putting the last nail in Dalvik's coffin, and the new Android Runtime (ART) is about to take the throne. A pair of commits turned up last night in the master branch of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository that spell certain doom for the Android runtime we've known and loved for all these years. The first of the two changes completely wipes the /libdvm (Dalvik Virtual Machine) folder from AOSP, and the second takes care of changing all of the relevant configuration files and startup scripts to call on the ART runtime. Yup, this is the end for Dalvik.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.37.15 PM

Note: The line of 'D's on the far left mean: Delete.

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Soundwall Is Raspberry Pi-Powered Art That Doubles As A Wireless Speaker And Costs More Than That Painting You Can't Afford

Nothing says hip and sophisticated like a quirky piece of artwork that you can't afford and no one can understand. The only thing that would further situate you above your immensely jealous and inferior-feeling friends would be the addition of Mozart suddenly filling the air. When they ask where your Bluetooth speaker is hidden, you just smile and shake your head smugly, turning ever-so-slowly back to the Soundwall hanging above the fireplace.

The Soundwall's face is a work of art, but tucked away among its frame is a trail of cables and a Raspberry Pi using UPnP to stream music from your Android device (or Apple AirPlay for fruitier phones).

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