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Wacom's new $400 drawing tablet connects to Android devices, requires silly dongles

Your options for stylus input on Android are limited to clunky capacitive wands and the S Pen on a handful of Samsung devices. If you don't mind adding an external display and a bunch of cables, Wacom has another option. The company's new $400 Wacom One drawing tablet is its cheapest yet, and it's the first to have Android support.

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Nokia's Twitter account pokes fun at the $120,000 Art Basel Banana

You might have already seen stories about the Art Basel Banana, an art piece (officially titled 'Comedian') by Maurizio Cattelan that was on display at the Art Basel Miami Beach art festival earlier this week. The piece made headlines after it sold for $120,000, and Nokia's official Twitter account is now joining in the fun with a slightly-late parody.

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Android Q includes some ART-related performance gains, developers can expect faster app launches and improved garbage collection

Android Q won't just bring new features, it's also set to further improve on the performance of previous Android releases via some tweaks to its ART compiler. In addition to detailing some recent benefits made to app distribution — which current devices running Android P will benefit from — Google also detailed some more technical changes to how ART improves app performance in Android Q.

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Android P feature spotlight: ART improvements could allow apps to start faster and use less system memory

Android P will bring new improvements to ART – the Android Runtime – that sound kind of exciting. These performance and efficiency boosts are supposedly correlated with decreased app startup time and DEX memory usage. From the sounds of it, though, it seems like the difference will be marginal and noticeable only in certain cases.

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Take an exploratory journey through the heavens with Gemini - A Journey of Two Stars

X.D. Network is quickly becoming a publisher to notice. Not only did they bring To The Moon to the Play Store, but they also recently released BeatEVO YG, a popular K-pop themed rhythm game. Today we can add Gemini - A Journey of Two Stars to this list of great titles. While it's self-described as an "interactive poem," that apt description hardly does this beautiful game the justice it deserves.

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Google improves art searches with high-resolution images, interactive knowledge panels, and more

Google says people like art, and it would know. There are more than 500 million art-related searches on Google every month. The team from Google Arts & Culture got together with the search team to make these results more than just a list of images and Wikipedia links. Now, you'll see high-resolution collections, knowledge panels, better indoor Street View experiences, and more.

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Muzei updated with new widget, Tasker plugin, and launcher gesture

Muzei, a much-loved live wallpaper app made by Google employee Roman Nurik, has just been updated. There was a long gap in which Muzei didn't see too much in the way of updates, which had me concerned for a while. But, between the one back in February and today's, things look to be picking up.

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Google's Device Art Generator updated with Pixel & Pixel XL frames

If you're into framing screenshots with beautiful device art, the process really doesn't get much easier than using Google's official Device Art Generator. Perennially updated with the latest Google devices, the tool started its life as part of Roman Nurik's indispensable Android Asset Studio project, but since graduated to the official Android developers site.

The latest update to the generator, if you haven't guessed, includes frames for the Pixel and Pixel XL. Also at the top of the lineup are the Android Wear, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P frames. The "older devices" selection has over time been pared down to just the Nexus 6 and 9.

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[Update: Now Live] Limited Edition Nexus Live Case By Artist Jeff Koons Will Be Available Starting Tomorrow (May 10th)

Google has revealed that it's working with renowned artist Jeff Koons on a new live case exclusively for Nexus devices. The case will go on sale tomorrow, but there are several important things we don't know. For example, what it looks like and how much it will cost.

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Video: Apps Install (Much) Faster On Android N

If you're feeling fancy and you decided to flash the Android N developer preview, you'll notice that your optimization step didn't take very long at all. That's thanks to a new change in Android N that Ryan has already detailed. The Android Runtime, ART for short, is now using a JIT (just-in-time) compiler, which means that apps install update much faster so you can quickly get back to royally crushing whatever clash you're clanning against.

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