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The Arlo Video Doorbell is back down to $110 ($40 off) on Woot, today only

Arlo's latest video doorbell had a rough start, with missing support for some must-have features, but it has improved quite a bit since its initial release. Now you can get the Arlo Video Doorbell AVD1001 for just $109.99, a discount of $40 from the original MSRP (and $39 below the current Amazon price).

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Say hello to the Arlo Video Doorbell for just $110 ($40 off) today only at Woot

Doorbells have found themselves modernized for the 21st century thanks to the addition of video — seeing who's in front of the door before you open it, and being able to speak with them, helps improve safety and makes it easier to know if getting off your couch to answer the door is worth it. Last year we saw Arlo announce its Video Doorbell, which was a great value initially and only got better as new features arrived. Now Woot is offering up a savings of $40 off the $150 you'd normally pay.

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Today only: Keep an eye on your front door with the Arlo Video Doorbell for $110 ($40 off)

Now that most of the world is on lockdown, a lot of people are ordering online, and what's more convenient than seeing who's at your door than checking it from the comfort of your couch? Arlo's Video Doorbell is a great option to consider, especially now that it's down to just $110 on Woot.

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Arlo Video Doorbell review: This nicely equipped, solid value keeps getting better

How are you going to call yourself a smart-home company, one with a huge focus on video, and not have a video doorbell? That's a question Arlo had no doubt been asking itself for some time, and while it launched its Audio Doorbell with matching wireless Chime back in 2018, that one was largely meant to be used with the company's existing video cameras. It took another year for the follow-up effort to arrive, but in late 2019 we finally got a proper Arlo Video Doorbell.

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Arlo Look Back is now Foresight, brings its longer recordings to the Video Doorbell

Motion-activated smart cameras are great, saving our attention for when something's actually going on. But sometimes it's not just the big motion-event you want to see, but also the things that led up to that happening — and if the camera doesn't start recording until the motion trigger, you might miss out on some of that important stuff. For many Arlo cameras there's a solution available, which this week gets some new branding and spreads to additional devices.

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Arlo announces video doorbell with a 180-degree 'vertical view' and direct-to-mobile video calls (Update: Now available)

Arlo is expanding its lineup of smart home products today with the release of the Arlo Video Doorbell. Its existence was leaked earlier this year, and it's finally happening. Arlo may have been a little late to the video doorbell party, but it arrives carrying lots of features, some of which aren't found elsewhere.

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