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Arlo Ultra 4K wireless security cameras are up to $56 off

When we reviewed the Arlo Ultra, we were impressed by its video quality and battery life, but found its price to be very steep. Thankfully, the product is now on sale, down to $546 ($54 off) for a two-pack, or $756 ($44) for three cameras.

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Arlo Ultra review: A good security camera with a bad price

You've got numerous choices in connected some security cameras these days, but almost all of them require wires. Running a camera solely on batteries introduces a lot of uncertainty. Will it last long enough? Will it wake up reliably? Arlo, a former Netgear subsidiary, has released several battery-powered cameras that bested the competition, but the new Arlo Ultra is a tougher sell.

This 4K camera has a high upfront cost and higher monthly fees than other devices, but the performance is admittedly impressive. The video is incredible, and the addition of a spotlight is genuinely helpful. After some software updates, the Arlo Ultra is a good product with similar reliability to Arlo's past cameras.

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Arlo Ultra security cameras are available again following firmware updates

The Arlo Ultra 4k cameras initially launched at Best Buy early this year, but the company seemed to pull back following reports of widespread problems. Today, Arlo Ultra returns to Best Buy, and it launches for the first time at Amazon. It's gotten several firmware updates over the past few weeks that should address the issues that plagued the launch.

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Arlo Ultra launch is a mess: Suspended sales, cloud storage price hikes, and persistent bugs

Arlo announced the Arlo Ultra 4K camera system late last year, and we got a closer look at the cameras during CES in January. Arlo needed a hit after a disappointing fourth quarter, but the Ultra cameras aren't off to a great start. Best Buy has apparently halted sales of the cameras following negative reviews and customer complaints.

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Arlo Ultra cameras will also come in black

Former Netgear subsidiary Arlo has started shipping its new 4K Arlo Ultra camera system, which includes a new body design. That's not the only physical change. All Arlo cameras until now have been white, but it looks like the Arlo will offer a black version as well.

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[Update: Available later this month] Arlo announces the Arlo Ultra security camera with 4K HDR video, coming early 2019 starting at $400

Arlo, a recently spun-off Netgear business, has been making wireless security cameras for several years. We've covered the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 a lot because they're far and away the best fully wireless cameras on the market, but the current offerings top out at 1080p. That changes with the upcoming Arlo Ultra. These cameras, expected in early 2019, will sport 4K HDR video, a spotlight, color night vision, and more.

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