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Batman: Arkham Underworld lets players deliver an overdue beating to the Dark Knight

The funny thing about comic book stories is that the usual roles of protagonists and antagonists are reversed: the villains are the ones who are proactive, trying to achieve something new (even if it is something awful), while the heroes are only concerned with stopping them. That's why people love a good villain - aside from being generally more fun to watch than the goody-two-shoes superheroes, they're also the ones who drive the story forward. It's also why games like Dungeon Keeper and Infamous are so popular: it's just more fun to be the bad guy.

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[New Game] Batman Arkham Origins Brawler Comes To Android Six Months After Everyone Stopped Caring About Arkham Origins

Batman always saves the day in the nick of time. So it's a bit out of character for him to come to Android for a mobile tie-in to his latest high-profile PC and console game... a full nine months after the game came out. Which is, incidentally, nine months after the iOS version of the tie-in game was released. At this point, we're probably closer to the release of the next full Arkham game, Arkham Knight, expected early next year. That will be about four years after this kind of shoddy Android timetable was acceptable.


But enough whining about the release timing, let's whine about the gameplay.

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