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Square Enix releases classic games mash-up Arkanoid vs Space Invaders

What happens when you take an iconic Breakout-style block-breaker and collide it with a classic alien shooter? Arkanoid vs Space Invaders is what, and Square Enix has just released the game on the Play Store. Both retro games were arcade champions of their time, with Space Invaders hitting machines in the late 1970s and Arkanoid coming later in the mid-1980s. Both are sure to have a great deal of loyal, nostalgic fans who may find this mashup of interest.

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[New Game] Retroid Is A Vibrant Retro Arkanoid-Inspired Experience Now Available On Google Play

Retroid is Arkanoid-gaming done right. Never heard of arkanoid? Think Breakout, but made in Japan. Retroid takes Arkanoid and smothers it in a coat of gorgeous retro graphics. No, I don't mean pixelated - well done or otherwise. These are bright modern visuals dishing out shapes and colors in a manner that is as trippy today as it has ever been.

Retroid4 Retroid7 Retroid3

Retroid8 Retroid5

This game is about as pick up and play as it gets. There are no instructions, as this game is ubiquitous enough that it doesn't need them. Everything from the title screen to the level selection feels like the quintessential mobile gaming experience.

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