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YouTube Premium and Music now available in South Africa and many Latin American countries

Just a few hours ago, Google announced that YouTube Premium and YouTube Music had made their way to India. Oddly enough, it neglected to mention the 13 other countries both services just debuted in. Of these 13, 12 are in Central and South America, with the odd duck out being South Africa.

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Google One will expand to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico in the coming weeks, more regions later

Google One's launch has been fraught with delays and pseudo-announcements. The unifying storage service was introduced in May, but only select users got invited to try it out, then Google re-announced it again a few weeks ago, saying it was available to everyone in the US. But we all know that just meant it was starting to be available to all. Now comes the news that One is finally stepping outside the borders of the USA and going south to Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, then sailing across the Pacific to Australia.

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Google Play promo codes now available in Argentina, Chile, and Peru

Developers who wish to grant free access to paid content on the Play Store usually do so with a promo code. However, these codes aren't globally available, with Google instead having a list of 25 countries where they are. Google does add countries occasionally, though, and this time around, Argentina, Chile, and Peru have joined the list.

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Google expands fact-checking to Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico

News is extremely vital to how our societies function — making sure you find solid, fact-checked stories is an important aspect of that. Google has already taken steps to assist in that endeavor in the United States, France, and Germany, and now Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are getting the same treatment.

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Google Street View Shows Off Some Of Argentina's Most Beautiful National Parks

Why go anywhere? That's the question some people find themselves asking as Google Street View comes to more places. Google lets you explore Machu Picchu, view the inside of sports arenas, visit historic locations all across Thailand, and check out the Batcave. Now the service is ready to show you some of the most stunning corners of Argentina.

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[Updated] Google Play Music Support Comes To Argentina, Subscriptions Included

Play Music is as much an online service as it is a mobile app, but when it comes to the former, you have to wait your turn before you can get your hands on it (without jumping through hoops). Fortunately, Play Music has come to Argentina. Thanks to alphabetical order, it's now the first country listed on Google's support page.

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Google Play Books Comes To Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, And Venezuela

The last time we saw an expansion of Google Play Books was nearly a month ago when the service opened up shop in South Africa, Switzerland, and Turkey. Since then, it would appear Google has been making headway in its continued effort to bring more of its services to as many countries as possible. This time around, the list of countries in which Play Books is available has been updated to include Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela.

wm_argentina1 wm_argentina2

If you live in one of the above-listed countries and have been yearning for access to the world's largest eBookstore, now's your chance.

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Google Finds Permanent Solution For Argentinian Play Store Developers Who Want To Sell Paid Apps, Requires Transition To Google Wallet

Google announced in May that they were going to remove Argentina from the list of regions supporting paid apps in the Google Play Store, but they then issued a temporary reversal in June. Now Google has come up with a permanent solution for those who rely on app sales as a source of revenue. Argentinian developers can continue to offer paid apps on Google Play by receiving wire transfer payments through Google Wallet. Typically developers receive money via Google AdSense, and those in other countries will continue to do so.


For anyone affected by this change, Google has provided these simple steps to ensure that your payments are not interrupted:

  • Login to your Google Wallet Merchant Center
  • Click the Settings tab
  • Then click Financials
  • Enter your bank account information
  • Developers need to follow these instructions even if you have already provided this information in your linked AdSense accounts.

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    Google Will Continue To Allow Developers In Argentina To Sell Paid Apps And IAP On The Play Store, For Now

    Last month Google announced that they would remove Argentina from the list of regions supporting paid Android apps in the Google Play Store. The company cited "ongoing issues," likely having to do with rapidly increasing inflation and other economic problems in the country. Google had planned to remove all paid apps and IAP apps from Argentinian developers tomorrow, June 27th. Now the company has reversed its decision, and though they haven't said why, presumably it follows the outcry from the Argentinian developer community.

    Update for Google Play developers in Argentina

    June 26th, 2013

    Last month, we announced that we planned to discontinue support for the sales of paid apps from developers registered in Argentina as of June 27th.

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    Google To Cease Payment To Argentine Developers, Pull Apps Due To Economic, Governmental Issues

    Google, citing "ongoing challenges," will be ending the distribution of paid apps from Argentina in the Play Store effective June 27th, "at which point the apps will be unpublished."

    Google's official statement on the issue (published on its Developer Support site) doesn't go into too much detail regarding the "ongoing challenges" involved in distributing paid apps from Argentina, and an email sent to developers (reported by Celularis) doesn't offer any more information, though both suggest that Argentine developers who are legally able to do business in another country transfer their applications to a merchant account registered in that country.

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