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[Update: Live] Galaxy S9 and S9+ to get ARCore support in the next few weeks

ARCore first came onto the scene in August of last year with support for the Pixel and Galaxy S8, with more phones added late last month to the official compatibility list. The Galaxy S9 and S9+, which were announced shortly after that latest update, aren't on that list yet. That'll change "in the coming weeks," though.

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ARCore v1.2 gives devs new tools to create collaborative AR experiences [APK Download]

While smartphones are increasingly our conduit for experiencing the latest cutting-edge tech, there's a big difference between checking out something that makes for an impressive tech demo, and seeing that technology evolve into something that actually makes the apps you care about better, more capable, or maybe just more fun to use. Augmented reality has slowly been working to prove it's up for making that transition, thanks in no small part to Google pivoting away from the hardware-based Tango and to its software-centric ARCore platform. This week at I/O 2018, Google unveiled its latest advancements arriving to enhance what's possible with ARCore apps.

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ARCore v1.1 suggests upcoming support for Galaxy S9 / S9+, Huawei P20 / P20 Pro, Nexus 6P, and several more [APK Teardown]

Google's ARCore technology is building steam since its initial test launch on Pixel and Galaxy S8 phones. This came with a promise to support more phones, which was followed a few weeks later with a half-dozen more phones added during MWC. To keep the momentum going, Google also featured nearly 90 new apps and games that made use of ARCore in some way. Now with the latest update, we can likely guess at the next phones on the list.

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30 new and notable augmented reality games from the last two weeks (3/7/18 - 3/23/18)

With Google's recent push for augmented reality content on Android through the use of ARCore, I thought it would be fun to collect all of the new AR games that released in the last couple of weeks into one of our gaming roundups. So without further ado, here are the most recent and notable AR games to hit the Play Store.

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Over 85 Android apps and games have added augmented reality elements thanks to ARCore

After releasing the ARCore SDK last year and testing it on the Pixel 2 phones, Google made the announcement official at MWC this year and expanded support for the first-gen Pixels, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S8/S8+, LG V30/V30+, ASUS Zenfone AR, and OnePlus 5, with more devices to be added in the future. Following that, we knew that the apps would start coming in but the past few days have seen several trickle down: Google's Just A Line experiment, eBay's shipping box size chooser, and IKEA's furniture visualizer, were just a few. Turns out there is more. How much more?

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Doodle in the air with Google's new AR experiment, Just a Line [APK Download]

Google's turned another one of its Experiments into a standalone app: augmented reality doodling tool Just a Line hit the Play Store today. Based on Jonas Jongejan's ARCore Drawing experiment, the app lets you make AR drawings in 3D space around you, and frankly, it's pretty stinkin' neat.

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eBay app adds augmented reality to choose the right shipping box

More app developers are getting into augmented reality on Android now that Tango is a thing of the past. Google's official AR platform of the future is ARCore, which will work on most devices. Even eBay is getting into AR with its latest Android app update. Sellers can now use AR to choose the right box size.

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[Hands-on] IKEA Place uses AR to see if your Ektorp goes with that Lövbacken

Today IKEA has announced that its IKEA Place augmented reality app, previously exclusive to iOS, is now available for Android. With it, prospective furniture customers can see if a given IKEA product will be a good fit—in every sense. From relative sizes to aesthetic comparisons, you can choose just the right side table, lamp, or shelf to fit your particular niche, and even search for your existing IKEA furniture in the app.

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Amazon adds AR view to help you see products in your environment before you buy them

Visualizing furniture and products before buying them is one of the most reasonable uses of AR technology. Lots of buyers have difficulty imagining how things would fit in their home; when we were furnishing our apartment, we used tape on the floor to denote the limits of most things we had our eyes on before going back to purchase them because we needed to see how they'd fit. Augmented Reality makes this easier and better by putting the object there in front of you, and several retailers have used the technology before in their apps. Now so is Amazon.

After launching on iOS, the Amazon Shopping app on Android devices with ARCore (which expanded to more phones recently) will start showing a new AR View option when you tap the camera icon in the search box, letting you put furniture, toys, decor, appliances, electronics, and more in front of you so you can see how well they would fit in your space.

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[Update: Now official, more devices supported] Google releasing ARCore 1.0 at MWC, but it seems to be rolling out early

Google has grown increasingly fond of virtual and augmented reality, culminating in its release of the ARCore SDK last year. ARCore was meant to democratize AR, giving more phones the ability to do it without having to rely on extra hardware as in the case of project Tango (which is now dead). Now according to an exclusive report from Variety, Google is planning on pushing hard for AR at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, including the release of v1.0 of ARCore on the Play Store. But the update appears to be rolling out a bit earlier than planned, and we've got our hands on it. 

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