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Archos announces giant 21-inch tablet for tabletop gaming

Gigantic tablets are rare in the Android world, but there have been a few — Samsung's 18.4-inch Galaxy View comes to mind. If you want a tablet the average size of a desktop computer monitor, Archos has you covered with its new 'Play Tab.'

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Some Android devices from ZTE, Archos, and others shipping with 'Cosiloon' malware

ZTE is currently fighting with the US government to lift a trade ban, while federal intelligence committees accuse the company of spying on US consumers. It looks like ZTE might be in even more trouble, as pre-installed malware has been found on several phones from the company. Avast Software has released details about the 'Cosiloon' malware on its blog, which has also been found on devices from Archos, Prestigio, and others.

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Archos made an Echo Show clone running Android Oreo for some reason

The Amazon Echo Show was the first device in the new 'smart display' product category, and Google has begun working with manufacturers to make ones with Google Assistant. French tech company Archos recently announced a scooter running Android Oreo, and now it's making a strange Echo Show-like device.

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Archos announces world's first Android-powered scooter, will cost €499.99 ($617)

French tech company Archos is largely known for its budget Android phones and tablets, but it has also been producing mobility devices for the past year (in Europe, at least). In case you ever wanted a scooter running Android, Archos has you covered with its new 'Citee Connect' scooter, which goes on sale this summer for €499.99 (about $617).

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Archos releases source code for its 'famous' video player

Archos has tried its hand at making various cheap, media-focused Android tablets, none of which were very good. It eventually released a version of its video player app on the Play Store, where it garnered a few million downloads. Now, Archos has released the source code for its video player app. You can head over to Git Hub to download the source, but it's still on the Play Store, too.

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ARCHOS' new 50 Graphite and 55 Graphite budget smartphones feature dual rear cameras, fingerprint sensors, and USB-C

Mobile World Congress 2017 is starting in just a few days, and some manufacturers are already releasing new products to get ahead of all the madness that will ensue. Case in point: ARCHOS has just announced two new smartphones, the 50 Graphite and the 55 Graphite, which both pack pretty high-end features inside of budget phones.

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Kodak signs ARCHOS as a brand licensee for the European market

Camera company Kodak went bankrupt a while back, but managed to save itself by selling its brand off to anyone who wanted it. Since then, the Kodak name has been pilfered and used to market cheap Android devices. It's a sad state of affairs for the once-great manufacturer, but maybe it's about to get better (or worse, depending on your point of view): ARCHOS has been signed as a brand licensee in Europe, following the release of the Kodak EKTRA smartphone last year.

ARCHOS is well-known for the line of mediocre, budget Android tablets the company makes. Presumably, the new Kodak devices will be the same sort of thing, but with the legendary American imaging company's name slapped on it.

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Archos Announces New 7, 8, And 10-inch Oxygen Tablets Before MWC, All Running Android 6.0 And All Under $175 USD

Archos has kind of fallen off the radar in terms of tablet sales. Maybe it's different in Europe (Archos is a French company), but these days you won't see any of its products on American shelves. And considering the relative paucity of Android tablets in general as of late, that's a shame. Especially when you hear that Archos is making three new tablets at a variety of sizes and, miracle of miracles, they're all running the latest version of Android at launch.

So it is with the new Oxygen series of tablets: the 70, 80, and 101b at 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10.1-inches, respectively.

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Archos Enters The Niche 'Secure Phone' Market With The $850 GranitePhone

Despite some interesting tablet hardware in the earlier days of Android, French manufacturer Archos hasn't had anything notable to show for several years. Perhaps that's why the company is jumping into the small but growing niche of ultra-secure cell phones, like the Blackphone and the Turing Phone. Archos has partnered with SIKUR (read: Secure), a vendor of encrypted company-focused communications apps, to create the GranitePhone. It's available to purchase today for a whopping $850.

Thanks to the GranitePhone's Android-derived "Granite OS," basically everything on the device is encrypted, even the custom homescreen that eschews a conventional grid layout for a modified version of the SIKUR inbox.

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Archos Introduces Two New Budget-Friendly Android 5.1 Lollipop Phones: The Diamond S And The 50e Helium

The French brand Archos is getting ready to announce two new smartphones at IFA 2015. Both follow the company's footsteps in pushing prices down while maintaining an interesting proposition in terms of value, hardware specifications, and build quality.

First is the Diamond S, a 5" 720p Super AMOLED smartphone with a flat glass finish topped with Gorilla Glass 3. It has all the makings of a smartphone you can get for your parent or recommend to your non-techie friends, thanks to acceptable internal storage (16GB) and RAM (2GB). The octa-core processor is no slouch either, the cameras are 8MP at the front and 16MP on the back, and there's a multitude of connectivity options with 4G and dual-SIMs.

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