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Snapchat introduces 'Snappables' AR selfie games

Snapchat will soon be gaining a set of augmented reality games called Snappables, Snap announced today. Snappables, which should roll out to Snapchatters later this week, are a new form of interactive Lenses through which users can play together (or by themselves) using AR. Some games can be controlled via more traditional methods like touch, but others can be played using motion and even facial expressions.

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Google announces Augmented Reality Microscope platform to aid in cancer detection

Google announced in a blog post today that it's developed a prototype for a microscope system that uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect anomalies resembling cancerous growths in tissue samples. Google is calling it the Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM) platform, and it's currently capable of identifying breast and prostate cancer, although Google says it will be able to find any other type of cancer once its model is trained for it.

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10 very cool augmented reality apps (that aren't design or shopping tools)

Augmented reality is having a moment on Android. Thanks to ARCore, which now works on more than a dozen device models—Google says that's more than 100 million individual devices—we've seen a ton of new applications that insert virtual objects into our real surroundings. A lot of them are shopping and interior design apps, which makes sense—AR's ability to make items appear in your home is a great way to see what a couch looks like in your living room without actually lugging it in there. But AR can do so much more. Here are 10 augmented reality apps that are useful, fascinating, or just plain cool.

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Over 85 Android apps and games have added augmented reality elements thanks to ARCore

After releasing the ARCore SDK last year and testing it on the Pixel 2 phones, Google made the announcement official at MWC this year and expanded support for the first-gen Pixels, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S8/S8+, LG V30/V30+, ASUS Zenfone AR, and OnePlus 5, with more devices to be added in the future. Following that, we knew that the apps would start coming in but the past few days have seen several trickle down: Google's Just A Line experiment, eBay's shipping box size chooser, and IKEA's furniture visualizer, were just a few. Turns out there is more. How much more?

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Doodle in the air with Google's new AR experiment, Just a Line [APK Download]

Google's turned another one of its Experiments into a standalone app: augmented reality doodling tool Just a Line hit the Play Store today. Based on Jonas Jongejan's ARCore Drawing experiment, the app lets you make AR drawings in 3D space around you, and frankly, it's pretty stinkin' neat.

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eBay app adds augmented reality to choose the right shipping box

More app developers are getting into augmented reality on Android now that Tango is a thing of the past. Google's official AR platform of the future is ARCore, which will work on most devices. Even eBay is getting into AR with its latest Android app update. Sellers can now use AR to choose the right box size.

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The Imagination Factory introduces SwimAR, a HUD for swimming goggles

Some of you may not know this about me, but I spent most of my childhood as a competitive swimmer. To this day, I am convinced it is one of the best workouts you can possibly do — it not only requires muscular and cardiovascular strength, but an acute awareness of your body and mental focus. So along comes The Imagination Factory to assist with the latter part with SwimAR, a heads-up display for swimming goggles.

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Bose AR audio-only augmented reality platform asks, 'Who needs screens?'

Augmented reality can make for some fantastically impressive tech demos, and the rise of systems like Google's ARCore has started to bring AR to the masses, not requiring hardware any more advanced than the phone you already have. While phone-based AR feels like it has the potential to be quite popular, wearable AR devices have proven to be a tougher sell, and the public backlash against early efforts like Google Glass is still hard to forget.

Still, companies soldier on trying to find a way to make this tech more palatable, and today we're learning about the new Bose AR platform, which earns the distinction of taking an audio-only approach to augmented reality.

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Amazon adds AR view to help you see products in your environment before you buy them

Visualizing furniture and products before buying them is one of the most reasonable uses of AR technology. Lots of buyers have difficulty imagining how things would fit in their home; when we were furnishing our apartment, we used tape on the floor to denote the limits of most things we had our eyes on before going back to purchase them because we needed to see how they'd fit. Augmented Reality makes this easier and better by putting the object there in front of you, and several retailers have used the technology before in their apps. Now so is Amazon.

After launching on iOS, the Amazon Shopping app on Android devices with ARCore (which expanded to more phones recently) will start showing a new AR View option when you tap the camera icon in the search box, letting you put furniture, toys, decor, appliances, electronics, and more in front of you so you can see how well they would fit in your space.

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Google adds 'Winter Sports' and 'Blocks' AR stickers to Pixel camera [APK Download]

Google's AR efforts go back a few years to the Tango developer devices. It took time for Tango to become a consumer product, and Google killed Tango after just two phone releases. Now it's all about ARCore, which you can experience in the Pixel camera. There's a new version of AR Stickers today that enables two more sticker packs. Strangely, the stickers are a separate download this time.

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