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Google's 3D animals: 30+ AR critters, list of compatible phones

Ever wondered what a full grown tiger would look like next to your couch? With Google's 3D AR animals, you can find out. And you can even snap photos and videos of your personal big cat sanctuary. All you need is a smartphone that works with Google's AR core platform (we'll show you how to figure if your phone is compatible below). And it's not just tigers, cheetahs, lions, and bears (oh my): Google's 3D animals consist of over 30 critters you can mock up at life-size (or any size!) just using your phone's camera. Animals aren't the end of it, either: don't forget to check the other cool 3D objects you can find in Google Search.

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Google Search adds more AR 3D objects, including cell models and anatomy elements

Google presented AR objects in Search with much fanfare during its developer conference last year, and it probably would've loved to talk about additions and improvements during this year's I/O. With the event canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company has instead shared some news on the feature via a blog post. In it, Google shows off new 3D objects, such as additional anatomic models and magnified views of cells. There are also new capabilities for the viewer.

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You can now video record Google's 3D animals and objects

You can turn your home into a zoo thanks to Google's AR animals, but so far, you haven't been able to video record your interactions with tigers, alligators, bears, and others. As reported by 9to5Google, the company saw fit to change that and has silently introduced a video recording feature to its 3D viewer that lets you capture your AR visitors on video. That also works for other Google objects like skeletons, cars, planets, and more.

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