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[April Fools] HTC Announces The RE Sok, The Smartest Socks Your Feet Will Never Wear

When HTC announced the RE camera, an inhaler-shaped device that lacks a viewfinder of its own, it seemed like great fodder for an April Fools joke. But no, that product was real, and it actually exists.

So what has the Taiwanese manufacturer come up with as a truly absurd product, something even it wouldn't consider turning into reality? Why, the RE Sok.


This product brings notifications to your ankles so you can see them when you're changing shoes.

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CyanogenMod Nightly ROM Builds Are 'Powered By Microsoft' For April 1st

Did those rumors of Microsoft investing in professional ROM developer Cyanogen spook you, Android purist? Then you might want to skip flashing today's nightly build for your Nexus 6. Starting late last night, CyanogenMod devotees who flashed the March 31st nightly builds to their phones and tablets were disheartened to see the following message as Android was upgrading:


That sound you heard was millions of CyanogenMod devotees who cried out in terror...

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Motorola Announces A Handcrafted Selfie Stick For April Fools, Makes Up For It With $140 Off An Unlocked Moto X

"A selfie stick is not just an accessory," the man says with shades of Jony Ive, "it's an extension of who you are." So true, isn't it? Except it's not true. Not a word of it. This is April Fools, and Motorola is having a little fun with the promo video below for a handcrafted selfie stick. Not funny? Okay, Motorola is also offering $140 off an unlocked Moto X to make up for it.

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Google Panda Is The Search Engine's Most Adorable Form Yet, Launching Only In Japan For April Fools

Google has spent years putting its search functionality into as many form factors as it can manage. It all started with desktops and laptops. From there, Search hopped to phones. Now we see it making its way into TVs, watches, and cars.

Today, the tech giant has announced a new product offering that's more adorable than any that has come before. Meet Google Panda.


To use Google Panda, you simply ask the stuffed animal a question.

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The OnePlus DR-1 Drone Is An April Fool's Joke That You Can Buy (Maybe, Possibly, Probably Not)

When OnePlus staff member David S. said that the tiny phone manufacturer would release a drone called the DR-1, our BS-o-meter shot past the "nope" point in under two seconds. As many of you guessed, the OnePlus drone is indeed an April Fool's Day joke. But apparently the company is taking a page out of Think Geek's playbook: in addition to being a mildly amusing misdirection, the DR-1 drone will also be available for purchase.

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elgooG's New Search Engine Mirrors The World As You Know It, Confuses And Delights You

Ever wondered if there was an alternate reality where your world was flipped, wrong was right, right was left, left had stayed, and... I may have lost focus right there. Let me readjust my direction and perspective... So elgooG asked the same question and came away with a solution to show you (and let's face it, your bewildered coworkers) a mirror of our universe, or at least the part of it that we all visit several times a day.

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Hangouts' Easter Eggs Help You End Your April Fools Pranks On A Funny Note

Did you just conduct a small or elaborate prank on your friends, family members, or coworkers? If so, and if you were talking to them on Hangouts, the moment you decide to reveal your true intentions and the nature of the prank, you'll be helped by a selection of easter egg animations. That should soften the blow — potentially.

hangouts-april-fools-3 hangouts-april-fools-1 hangouts-april-fools-2

So far, we've seen a clown, a joker (or jester or fool), and an emoji disguised in eyeglasses and a mustache.

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Pac-Man Invades Ingress And Google Maps As Google Gets April Fools Started A Little Early

You know what day it is. Yes, it's March 31st, and that means the April Fools onslaught has commenced... because what's better than one day when the internet becomes an annoying cacophony of fake news? Two of them, apparently. In fairness, Google's pranks are usually less annoying than they are fun little games. Case in point, Pac-Man is invading Maps and Ingress.


[April Fools] Chrome Selfies Let You Share Spontaneous Pictures Of Your Reaction To Websites

Sometimes words cannot express how websites make you feel. The quickest way to get your emotions across is to simply share the look on your face. This is easy enough in person, and Google is making the online process similarly simple.

This feature is an April Fools treat, so it only seems to be live for people who have their devices set to April 1st. One such person shared this screenshot of Google prompting them as they were browsing Maps.

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Samsung Starts April Fools Early With The Galaxy Blade Edge, The World's First Smart Knife

One question has stuck in folks' minds from the moments they first laid eyes on the Galaxy S6 Edge: What's the point? Now Samsung is ready to show us. It has announced the Galaxy Blade Edge, the world's first smart knife. Take from the proximity to April Fools what you will.

The Galaxy Blade Edge isn't smart in the same way as your smartwatch. No, this product doesn't sync up to your phone through a Bluetooth connection, delegating its brains to a primary device.

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