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April Fool’s 2015


Google Reader Rises From The Grave With New (Material) Update v2.0 [APK Download]

For any readers visiting this post on or after April 2, check the post date before continuing :)

In 2013, Google announced the death of its RSS reading platform Google Reader. At the time, Google cited declining usage as the official reason for Reader's closure, wrapping it up along with things like Cloud Connect, Voice for Blackberry, and Building Maker as part of a second round of "spring cleaning."

It comes as a huge surprise then to see the app back in the Play Store almost two years later with a new icon and brand new interface, jumping from version 1.1.8 up to 2.0.

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elgooG's New Search Engine Mirrors The World As You Know It, Confuses And Delights You

Ever wondered if there was an alternate reality where your world was flipped, wrong was right, right was left, left had stayed, and... I may have lost focus right there. Let me readjust my direction and perspective... So elgooG asked the same question and came away with a solution to show you (and let's face it, your bewildered coworkers) a mirror of our universe, or at least the part of it that we all visit several times a day.

Head over to to experience the marvel of an inverted search engine that makes your entire brain go haywire trying to get some sense out of the displayed words.

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Hangouts' Easter Eggs Help You End Your April Fools Pranks On A Funny Note

Did you just conduct a small or elaborate prank on your friends, family members, or coworkers? If so, and if you were talking to them on Hangouts, the moment you decide to reveal your true intentions and the nature of the prank, you'll be helped by a selection of easter egg animations. That should soften the blow — potentially.

hangouts-april-fools-3 hangouts-april-fools-1 hangouts-april-fools-2

So far, we've seen a clown, a joker (or jester or fool), and an emoji disguised in eyeglasses and a mustache. The animations are triggered by typing, "Happy April Fools," but there may be other variations on the term that work as well. Just remember, one funny laughing face does not make a bad prank good.

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