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[Weekend Poll] Does Your Phone Have A MicroSD Card? Do You Use It?

The price-per-gigabyte of microSD cards has absolutely plummeted over the last 5 years. Yesterday, Amazon had a 24-hour deal on a SanDisk 200GB microSD for just $80. That's scarcely more than what a decent 240GB SSD costs these days.

So, does your smartphone have a microSD slot? We know most of our audience are Nexus phone users, so most of you should answer "no" to this question just based on our web metrics. But I'm more interested in, if it does have one, whether or not you actually use it.

MicroSD cards have something of a tortured history in relation to Android smartphones.

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Memory Card App Storage Support (Apps2SD) Coming To Android ‘Soon’

Utilizing SD cards for the storage of apps has undoubtedly been one of the biggest feature requests of Android since the G1 was released, with users being limited to the internal storage capacity of their devices to install applications on. Fortunately, Google have finally addressed the issue, and an update may not be too far away.

A post on Issue 1151 yesterday by a Google representative confirmed that the feature was ‘coming soon’ to Android devices, although no exact information was divulged at the time. This post came shortly after the status of the issue was changed to “Future Release”

Apologies, but I'm not permitted to disclose scheduling information - suffice to say it's coming soon :) Sorry for being vague, and thank you for your continued patience - I sincerely appreciate it.

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HTC Desire Root Instructions + Apps2SD Now Live

Yesterday, we reported on an exciting announcement for all HTC Desire owners - @PaulOBrien managed to root the device and promised detailed instructions to be posted today.

Well, he's backed the promise up with action and as of this morning, full instructions have been posted.

Paul notes that HTC made it much harder to access key partitions and write any data to them, compared to, say, the Nexus One. This made the process of rooting extremely complicated and left it a quite crippled (he's still working on uncrippling it).

The current set of instructions (29/Apr r3) is below - get ready to do some reading:

Read this whole topic - it contains a ton of useful information as well as the instructions and downloads!

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