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Here's where West Coast states plan to test Apple and Google's express coronavirus notification program

California, Oregon, and Washington have announced that they are participating in tests of Apple and Google's Exposure Notifications Express program. ENE integrates a set of contact-logging Bluetooth APIs that were deployed in public health apps earlier this year into a streamlined distribution flow for all Android and iOS phones while minimizing time and monetary costs for the states.

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US government seizes thousands of 'counterfeit Apple Airpods' that are actually OnePlus Buds

US Customs and Border Protection racked up a win late last month, according to its most recent press release. On August 31st, the agency seized 2,000 counterfeit "Apple Airpod Earbuds" destined for Nevada at New York's JFK International Airport. The only problem: those are OnePlus Buds, as you can see in the poor images DHS provided.

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Mimestream is a new native Gmail app for Mac that almost nails the experience

There are quite a few apps in the Mac App Store that claim to offer a native Gmail experience, but none quite manages to encapsulate the experience well enough, at least the ones I've tried. Unlike most others, a new app called Mimestream isn't just a web wrapper and it uses the Gmail API instead of the IMAP protocol, making it faster and more stable. It's currently in beta and it looks like it could be worth a shot.

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Huge Apple Music 3.4 beta update ports all the iOS 14 changes to Android (APK download)

Apple is preparing to launch iOS 14, and that means there are updates incoming for all of its system apps, including Music. It looks like the company is working on bringing over these latest changes to Android as soon as possible, as the latest Apple Music beta v3.4 already sports almost all of the new stuff that will come to iOS 14: there's a new icon, improved search, autoplay, and Listen Now, which replaces the For You section of old.

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Apple fires back at Epic Games, seeks monetary damages for 'breach of contract'

Ever since Epic updated its popular Fortnite title with a new payment flow that redirected customers toward its own website by promising discounted prices, chaos has ensued. Epic dared Apple and Google to kick Fortnite off app stores, then sued the companies for anti-competitive practices when it happened. We just learned that Google is working on getting the case against it dismissed, and now Apple is going a step further, seeking monetary damages from Epic for breaching its contract.

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Google will file a motion to dismiss Epic's Fortnite antitrust complaint

Last month was a great one for non-gaming drama lovers like me. Not content with its cut of the pie on mobile, Epic launched an assault on the Android and iOS app stores, leading to Apple removing Fortnite. Soon after, Google followed suit. Epic filed lawsuits alleging unfair treatment by both companies. Now Google is making a new move in the high-stakes game of corporate warfare: the company is looking to have Epic's suit dismissed.

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Apple and Google helping health authorities make quick COVID-tracking apps with Exposure Notifications Express

Apple and Google have been working on ways to allow every Android and iPhone user to receive coronavirus exposure notifications. Already seen in public health apps, we were told that those alerts would be pushed onto the OS level. But for governments having trouble with getting the API integrated, they can now sign up to get an app online fast with the Exposure Notifications Express program.

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Judge rules Apple can block Fortnite on iOS, but not Epic's Unreal Engine

Last week, Fortnite released a new update that circumvented Apple and Google's rules on in-app payments, by allowing players to purchase V-Bucks without Apple and Google taking 30% of the revenue. The game was promptly removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and now Apple is further retaliating against Epic.

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Apple Music adds two new radio stations and renames Beats 1

Apple may be a dirty word around these parts, but you've got to admit it has a pretty good handle on the music market. The company released Apple Music on the Play Store in 2015, bringing its blend of streaming music and live radio to Android users. Today Apple is announcing that its flagship radio station Beats 1 has a new name, and two more radio stations are being added to the service.

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NHS COVID-19 app with Apple and Google's API begins testing in the UK

The U.K. wanted to make an app to trace coronavirus infections and had been testing on out on the Isle of Wight this spring. But going on its own, the government admitted that it would take way too long to publish and opted instead to adopt tracking APIs created jointly by Apple and Google. Now, the rewound NHS COVID-19 app is out for trials.

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