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Apple Music expands to 52 new countries, is now available in 169 total

Since it launched in 2015, Apple Music has always been one of the most widely available music streaming platforms in the world, only rivaled by Deezer. The service started out with more than a hundred countries and added a few throughout the years, but it's now going through its largest expansion: 52 new countries and territories can benefit from it, and new subscribers from those locales get a free six-month trial to test things out thoroughly before committing to a paid subscription.

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Shazam on Android now integrates with Apple Music

The Shazam app was Apple-fied with prominent Apple Music tags and links for your identified songs soon after the tech titan completed its acquisition back in 2018. But still, it could only connect to the Spotify app for exchanging your playlists, but not Apple’s own streaming app. That's changing now as Shazam has added the option (currently in beta) to link your Apple Music account for a similar cross-app integration.

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[Update: Now in stable] Apple Music beta adds Chromecast support and 100,000 radio stations

Earlier this month, Apple Music received a beta update that added a new dark mode and synchronized lyrics with the music. While that did cross off two of the most wanted features in the app, there was still one request that Apple hadn't yet answered: Chromecast support. Now, nearly four years after the service launched on Android, it can finally play our tunes on Chromecast speakers.

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Apple Music finally gets a web interface

Apple Music finally has a home on the web. The service launched more than four years ago and quickly became one of the top music streaming platforms, but until now, it's only been accessible through dedicated applications. Now, it's got a web interface that should work in any browser.

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Apple Music adds dark mode, live lyrics while listening to songs

When Apple announced iOS 13, one of the things that caught my attention was its live lyric implementation in the music app. That was a logical step after the company's purchase of Shazam and I liked how it was integrated in the app instead of requiring a separate layer like Musixmatch. Now, that same functionality is making its way to Apple Music on Android, along with a dark theme.

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Apple Music surpasses Spotify in U.S. subscribers, outpacing growth globally

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple Music has scored a substantial win against rival streaming service Spotify. Industry sources say Apple Music had 28 million U.S. subscribers for the month of February, more than the 26 million Spotify had.

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Chromebooks get native Apple Music support

Chromebooks are growing in popularity, thanks to their ease of use and straight to the point design. It's easy to get things done using Chrome OS, especially thanks to built-in support for Sheets and Docs, but many of us also like to enjoy some music while working. Up until now, Spotify and Google Play Music worked natively on the platform, but Apple Music users were left out. Although it was still possible to play your favorite tracks through an unofficial web player, the app itself wasn't compatible with Chromebooks, which prevented you from using offline mode. The software was just updated on the Play Store, though, and now brings official support for Chrome OS.

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[Update: Now on Fire TV too] Apple Music is coming to Amazon Echo devices in December

Music streaming is a popular use for smart speakers, but the particular speaker you have dictates which services you have access to. Amazon's speakers are getting better in that regard in the near future, as the company has announced that Apple Music will be available on Echo devices later this year.

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Google Assistant and Home speakers to soon support Apple Music (Updated)

The team behind Apple Music is keeping busy. Among all of Cupertino's services and products, it's the most platform-agnostic and the one that has made an effort to support Android as best as it could. In the past few months, the Apple Music app has added Android tablet support, Android Auto compatibility, and is supposed to integrate into Google Maps at some point. Beyond that, it looks like the streaming service will soon be compatible with Google Assistant and Home speakers.

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Verizon now includes free Apple Music subscription with its Beyond and Above Unlimited plans

Verizon announced yesterday that its expanding its partnership with Apple. The carrier is now offering a gratis premium subscription to the latter's music streaming service to all Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited users — those on the Go Unlimited tier get a free six-month trial.

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