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Google plans to let preloaded apps update via Google Play even if you don't log in

The odds are good that you sign into a Google account as soon as you turn on a new phone. What if you don't, though? Well, none of the Google apps on your phone will work, and that includes the Play Store. Thus, pre-installed apps are cut off from updates. Google is looking to change that soon.

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Pushbullet gets its first major update in ages with a new UI, adaptive icon, and dark mode [APK Download]

Pushbullet was one of the first apps that successfully made your Android notifications more accessible and useful. With Pushbullet, you can sync notifications to other devices, reply to messages on your PC, and so much more. Development of the app slowed down over the last couple of years, but Pushbullet comes roaring back today with a major update. There are various design changes based on material theming, easier navigation, new icons, and more.

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Google Crowdsource app given Material refresh and wants your selfies [APK Download]


[Update: Now in stable version too] SwiftKey Beta automatic Incognito mode is here to save you from awkward predictions

Picture this: you have national security level web browsing to do, and fire up Incognito mode. However, unless you also remember to toggle your keyboard over to Incognito, it's still studying what you type to add words to its dictionary. If you can already see a potentially embarrassing situation brewing, worry no more, as the newest SwiftKey Beta picks up the ability to automatically switch itself to Incognito mode.

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Adobe Photoshop Express adds watermark resizing and enhanced vignette tools [APK Download]

The main reason I don't use a Chromebook for my work here at AP is that I can't run full Photoshop on it. Proper watermarking is one use case that hasn't been possible in the Photoshop Express Android app, but the functionality has been greatly improved in the latest update — even though most people will have found another solution for this by now.

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Google Arts & Culture app gets a 'Camera' tab with all its experimental features

The Google Arts & Culture app started as little more than a web wrapper, but Google has added new features and given it a UI overhaul since then. There have been some fun camera-based tools like the artistic doppelganger ID and color matcher. Now, there's a new camera tab that puts them all in one place.

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[Update: APK Download] Blindingly bright Google Material theme starts rolling out to Gmail app today

Google gave the web version of Gmail a complete makeover in 2018, but the mobile app has remained mostly unchanged for years. We've been expecting a matching app update, and today is the big day. Google's new Material theme is hitting Gmail starting now. It looks like Google's other recently redesigned apps. Which is to say, it's bright.

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Hulu now lets you adjust Chromecast playback volume using your phone


Skype update adds SMS messaging, app shortcuts, and more

Microsoft is rolling out a new Skype update today. Technically, it started earlier this week, but it as only now released a changelog. If you grab the latest build, you'll get a few goodies like SMS messaging and a revamped contacts panel.

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Fleksy keyboard v9.7.6 picks up space-bar cursor control, Giphy integration