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Instagram adds a portrait mode called 'Focus' in latest update

Portrait mode is increasingly available on smartphones, especially those with two cameras. These pics have blurred backgrounds to make the subject pop like you were using a lens with a shallow depth-of-field. Some phones do this better than others, but I think all of them do it better than Instagram, which just added "Focus" mode in the latest update.

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MyHyundai with Blue Link app updated with new menus, maintenance reminders, and more [APK Download]

If you drive a Hyundai you may already be aware of the MyHyundai with Blue Link app. It offers a multitude of services for compatible cars, including remote entry and starting, locating the vehicle, and under-the-hood status checks. An update has just been released bringing the app up to version 4.0 and it includes numerous improvements.

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🆕 Android Play Store now shows app changelogs right in My apps & games Updates screen

After almost a year, it looks like Google is once again rolling out inline app changelogs in the Play Store. This handy feature shows you exactly what's new right in the updates screen (assuming the dev has written a proper changelog, which isn't always guaranteed), which is definitely a positive thing.

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Facebook adds 360-degree photos and HD video to Messenger, publisher information to News Feed

Facebook is rolling out new features today to what are arguably its most important products: the News Feed and Messenger. On the Messenger side, you'll get panoramic photos and HD video support. Meanwhile, the News Feed will get additional tools to help you assess the credibility of a publication that appears in your Feed.

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SwiftKey adds calendar and location sharing to the new toolbar [Update]

Swiftkey launched a new toolbar interface just a couple weeks back, and it's adding a few more features to it today. With the latest update, you can easily insert your current location as well as calendar appointments. SwiftKey promised both these features previously, and here they are.

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You can now share Twitter (and Periscope) live videos with timestamps

So, you want to share a live video you found on Twitter? You no longer have to waste your precious characters telling people where in the video you want them to watch. Now, you can set a timestamp before sharing. It'll work on both Twitter and Periscope videos, and it starts rolling out today.

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IFTTT updated with semi-adaptive icon and new sync option, plus more services added [APK Download]

Part of the reason that automation app IFTTT is so popular is how often it's updated to add useful new features and more third-party services. It recently got support for custom rich notifications on Android and Cortana was among the new services added in February. The latest update to the app has just arrived, bringing with it a couple of minor changes, and yet more services have also been added.

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Google Camera mod update brings back HDR+ to Nexus phones [APK Download]

What makes the camera on Google's Pixel phones so good has more to do with the software than the hardware. Google's image processing is far ahead of its rivals, which is why it can boast a competitive Portrait Mode with only a single camera. Thanks to the Camera NX mod, it's possible to get similar results on many other phones, including non-Google ones.

Version 5.2 of the official Google Camera app was released last week, and it actually removes some functionality from 2015's Nexus 6P and 5X. They lose HDR+ (likely because the new version was built with Android P in mind, which neither of those phones will be getting) and Lens Blur (which has been replaced by Portrait Mode on the Pixels).

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[Update: Finally live] YouTube app will soon dynamically adapt to different video sizes

I have some bad news—people will never stop shooting vertical video. This battle is lost, guys. It's time to move on. Google is moving on by making the YouTube app a little less awkward when watching such a video. In the next update, YouTube will dynamically adapt to different video shapes and sizes.

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Instagram will improve its terrible feed by showing newer posts at the top

Instagram made the switch to a non-chronological feed a while back, and many users are still unhappy with it. Today, Instagram says it's rolling out some changes to make the feed less terrible. Well, Instagram didn't call the feed "terrible," but that seems to be the consensus outside the company. Soon, you'll see newer posts near the top and have more control over refreshing.

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