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YouTube Music is testing a new player UI and queue functionality

As Google prepares to sunset Play Music in favor of a new subscription model for YouTube Music, some changes to the app are being made to bring it in line with its competitors. A new fullscreen player UI is rolling out, along with a queue feature similar to Play Music that lets you line up subsequent songs and change the order at will.

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Action Launcher updated to v35 with Android P styling, app drawer tweaks, and more

A new version of Action Launcher is rolling out today, and it gives you a little hint of Android P without installing the dev preview. Oh, there are other things, too. How about an enhanced app drawer with folders? It's got that. Folder sorting? Yep. Free money? Okay, not that, but it's still pretty good.

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Swiftkey updated with toolbar customization, beta gets new quick settings UI

Some new updates are rolling out to SwiftKey users today, and there are goodies for both beta and stable channels. If you're using the regular app, get ready for more refinements to the toolbar. Plus, a previously released feature is rolling out to more markets. For beta users, it's all (okay, mostly) about the quick settings.

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Google updates I/O app for 2018

You know Google I/O is right around the corner when the official app gets a fresh coat of paint. Yes, today is the day. You can download the new Google I/O app right now and begin reserving seats and adding events to your schedule. It also looks pretty different.

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YouTube Kids is getting curated content and more powerful parental controls

After news yesterday that Amazon is launching an Echo Dot Kids Edition and bringing its child-friendly subscription service FreeTime to Alexa, it's Google's now turn for a family-oriented announcement. YouTube Kids has been around for 3 years, and one of the main complaints about it is that it sometimes lets inappropriate content slip through. Google is going to introduce new measures in the coming months to combat this.

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Flipboard revamps its technology category with more curated content, private team magazines, and more

According to Flipboard, the technology category is one of its most-read sections. So, it's giving the tech feed a redesign with new features and more content. It's rolling out now to everyone with a personal magazine in the technology category.

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Canary app updated to v2.15 with more person detection and recording options

Home security makers are investing big in AI features, and Canary is no exception. After deploying person detection earlier this year, the company has rolled out a new app update that includes refinements to that feature, as well as more control over what your cameras record.

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[Update: Trees theme hits stable for 4/20] Reddit app v3.0 beta adds night mode, account drawer, themes, and more

The official Reddit app has been not so good compared to many of the alternative clients, but it's getting better today. The v3.0 update is in beta, and it adds a number of important features. The app finally has a night mode that won't sear your retinas in a dark room, and it's easier to access/switch accounts. Oh, and you can turn on a "Pony" theme. What more could you want?

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Motorola mentions unannounced Moto G6 and G6 Plus in updated Moto Voice app

Motorola is about due for some new phones, and they're probably not far off now. You can tell because some new devices just showed up in a changelog for the Moto Voice app. The app now includes support for new features on the Moto G6 and G6 Plus. Oops.

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BeyondPod's first public update in two years is reportedly buggy and unusable

A few months ago we wrote about BeyondPod and reports from users that the beta version of the app was broken in more ways than one. Since the podcast app changed ownership in 2016 there have been no updates to the stable version, and every beta release has provoked a ton of user complaints. A new update launched a couple of days ago with seemingly more issues than ever before.

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