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Amazon's IMDb TV streaming service is now accessible through the Android app

Earlier this year, Amazon-owned IMDb launched a new streaming service that was (for some reason) called Freedive originally. It's since had its name changed to the more practical IMDb TV, and as of today, it's available as part of the pre-existing IMDb mobile app.

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Microsoft's SMS Organizer app no longer exclusive to India

You can choose from innumerable SMS apps on Android, including the one that came bundled with your phone. Microsoft has a new option... well, new to most of the world. It launched SMS Organizer a while back in India. After racking up more than a million downloads, the app has expanded globally.

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WhatsApp's fingerprint unlock feature arrives on Android in latest beta [APK Download]

Despite its enormous user base, WhatsApp can often be slow to introduce the most hotly-anticipated new features. A Dark mode is still in the works, but fingerprint unlocking already came to iOS a few months ago. It's now finally available in the latest beta channel update to the Android app.

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ActionDash updated to v4.0 with focus mode schedules, additional Action Launcher integration, and more

Google added Digital Wellbeing features to Android last year, but not all phones got them right away, and the feature set is a bit barebones. ActionDash can do everything from Digital Wellbeing, plus it has a ton of power-user features. This app just got an update today to v4.0 with even more ways to keep you from wasting time.

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Telegram 5.10 adds silent messages, slow mode, and more

Messaging app Telegram is rolling out another update, and this one cuts down on the noise. It includes several features that encourage quieter and less frequent messaging. Plus, animated emoji. Who doesn't like that?

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The new Android Auto officially starts rolling out today, and it's mostly an improvement

Google released Android Auto four years ago, and carmakers have largely embraced Google's take on infotainment. You can plug almost any Android phone into a supported vehicle and get the same interface, which is nearly unaltered since AA's 2015 debut. That will start changing today with the release of the revamped Android Auto. Google previewed the new Android Auto at I/O this year, and I've had the chance to use it in my car for the last week.

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Action Launcher v42 gets more theme customization, ActionDash icon integration, and more

A new build of Action Launcher is rolling out today, and it includes several notable visual changes. The already robust theming features are getting a boost, and the Google Discover panel can switch to the system dark theme. There's even additional integration with the ActionDash digital wellbeing app.

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[Update: Stable version released] Samsung Internet Beta v9.4 adds notification manager and home screen shortcut renaming [APK Download]

The latest update to the beta channel is live for Samsung's popular Chrome replacement, and although there's nothing major in this release, there are a couple of new additions to note. You can now rename pages that you add to the home screen for easy access and there's a new notification manager.

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Tasker updated to v5.8 with new features for third-party apps, Bluetooth, and more

When you need to automate something on your phone, there's a good chance Tasker can do it. You just need to learn how to use it. Now, the app can do even more things, assuming you have the patience to figure them out. In v5.8, Tasker has picked up more features related to third-party apps, Bluetooth connections, HTTP requests, and more.

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Nest kills its Wear OS app in latest update

Developers have shown general disinterest in creating apps for Wear OS, but you'd expect Google to at least make an effort. Well, the Nest division is dropping all pretense of caring about wearables. The Wear OS (and Apple Watch) components are dead in the latest version of the Nest app.

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