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SwiftKey Beta v7.1.3.25 picks up Microsoft Translator integration

Text translation seems like an obvious feature for a phone keyboard. It eliminates the hassle of having to swap between apps, copying and pasting when you want to say something in a language you don't speak (however infrequent that need may be). SwiftKey seems to agree, as the latest update of the keyboard's Beta version comes with Microsoft Translator integration.

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New Material UI and dark mode are back in latest Android Messages [APK Download]

If there's one thing we love when it comes to the subject of Android here, it's a good tease. Over the last couple of weeks, Google surreptitiously added and subsequently disabled an updated Material Design interface for Android Messages. In addition to the app's blinding new all-white aesthetic, it also included a new dark mode that should be a bit easier on the eyes at night. Though the updated design was seemingly disabled, it's now back in the latest version — and you can download it now.

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Nokia Camera adds Google Lens, Motion Photos, and more in latest update [APK Download]

OEMs tend to include custom camera software with their phones, but they're rarely anything to write home about. The imaging app HMD Global ships on its Nokia-branded devices is something of an exception, however. An update earlier this year revived the beloved Pro Camera mode from the old Lumia phones. The latest version (90.9.1123.20) comes with a host of new goodies.

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Google data-saving app Datally adds 'Bedtime mode' and 'Emergency bank' [APK Download]

Mobile data is a valuable commodity and Google's Datally — formerly Triangle — aims to help you conserve it. In certain countries, data can be extremely expensive, so the app can really come to the rescue during billing periods in which you use your phone a lot.

Datally recently introduced new features such as a Guest mode and daily data limits. The latest update, to version 1.6, adds two new tools. Bedtime mode helps you save even more data while you sleep, and Emergency bank lets you set aside some of your allowance just in case you run out.

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[Update: Back in v3.5.052] Android Messages v3.5 adds new Material UI with dark mode [APK Download]

Both Google Phone and Google Contacts had Material redesigns earlier this month. As such, people began speculating that Android Messages would also soon be revamped, and now it's happened. On top of the redesign, version 3.5 of Android Messages also brings a long-awaited dark mode.

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Google removes 'Save to Inbox' feature from Android app, but it's still available on the web [Updated]

Even though Inbox by Gmail has always been a testing ground for Google's main email client, many users now prefer it — myself included. It was already dismaying to see the removal of certain snooze options (place and someday) in June, but now it looks like the 'Save to Inbox' sharing option on Android has been axed as well.

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Google app testing 'Top Apps' section resembling Google Go interface

If you feel like you're pretty comfortable with the navigation in the Google app, you'll be sad to learn that a shake-up might be on its way. Google introduced bottom tabs last year, settling on five options: Home, Upcoming, Search, Recent, and a hamburger menu leading to more. The latest UI being tested replaces Recent with a new Top Apps section that looks like it's been borrowed from the Google Go app.

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Zagat app gets a complete UI overhaul in latest update

Google bought Zagat about seven years ago, but it let the company go earlier this year after basically ignoring it. Such sales often involve purchasers that only want a company's brand, but Zagat appears to be chugging along. There's even a newly refurbished Android app today.

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Google releases source code for I/O 2018 app

It has become tradition for Google to release the source code for its annual I/O app refresh in the months following the event. Today is the big day for the 2018 variant, and Google says it made some big changes this time around. Developers can take a peek at the code to get a better handle on Google's best practices for app development.

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Android Auto v3.5 fixes crashing on phones with Android 9 Pie [APK Download]

Android Auto hasn't been playing nice with Android 9 Pie. There have been reports left and right of numerous bugs: missing text notifications, a disruptive buzzing sound in calls, and frequent crashes. Fortunately, the Android Auto team is aware of these issues, and reports that it's fixed at least one — Android Auto version 3.5 should solve the crashing problem.

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