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Android Messages' search feature is getting an overhaul this week

Android Messages is getting a big upgrade to its searchability. You can already search in Messages using the magnifying glass icon at the top of your conversation list, but right now, the functionality is limited to text. Soon, that icon will access a much richer search function, allowing you to easily find photos, videos, and places you've shared in text messages.

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Google Calendar for Android updated to v6.0 with new Material UI [APK Download]

Google is slowly but surely updating all its apps to the new Material interface, which in Google's case means lots of white. We've already seen the new theme pop up in the Calculator, Contacts, and more. Now, it's Google Calendar's turn. The v6.0 update is rolling out with the new look, and you can sideload it right now.

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Samsung Good Lock 2018 gets new MultiStar module for improved split-screen multitasking [APK Download]

To the delight of many, Samsung resurrected its Good Lock customization app this summer. Stephen took an in-depth look at what could be done with it, and he liked what he saw. It's essentially a directory of other apps (or modules) that can be downloaded from Galaxy Apps and used to personalize your Samsung mobile experience.

Examples of the various modules include LockStar for altering your lockscreen and QuickStar for editing your quick settings, plus you can also get a bit more fancy with Edge Touch and Edge Lighting. The latest addition to the list is MultiStar, which is designed to enhance the multitasking functionality on your Samsung device.

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Google Maps is showing a new Photos section in the Explore tab

With a redesign to bring it in line with the latest Material Design guidelines and a renewed focus on curated content, Google Maps is now a very different beast. The latest addition, spotted by one of our readers, is a Photos section in the Explore tab.

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Samsung Internet Browser gets design overhaul in v9.0 [APK Download]

Since it became available for non-Samsung phones, its Internet Browser app has become a popular alternative to Google Chrome. Compared to the stable version currently served by the Play Store (v7.4), there are several aesthetic differences in the v9.0, seemingly aligning better with the upcoming Samsung Experience 10 update.

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New YouTube Kids tools go live, with parent-approved and 'Older' content level settings [APK Download]

Back in April, Google announced that it was readying new features for the YouTube kids app to give parents greater control over the content their children are able to access. The ability to carefully select every channel and video available on the account is now going live, as well as a new experience for 'Older' kids.

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Hulu updated with customizable live guide, DVR recording status, and more

Times are changing, and you don't need to go anywhere near your TV to watch TV programming anymore. Of all the streaming options, Hulu probably has the most up-to-date content as it's owned by studios. There's even a live TV service that competes with the likes of YouTube TV. The app has been a little light on features, but the latest update makes some noticeable improvements. However, it's mostly aimed at the live TV experience.

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Spotify now lets you download up to 10,000 tracks per device

Spotify has solved a problem you've probably never encountered. Until recently, the limit on the number of tracks you could download for offline listening was 3,333 each on up to three computers, tablets, or phones. That seems like plenty to me, but now you can store significantly more music for Wi-Fi-free playback: up to 10,000 tracks per device on up to five devices.

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Samsung Health 6.0 gets a new UI, expanded social features, and more

Samsung Health is the fitness tracking hub built into all Samsung phones, but you can install it on other Android devices, too. Maybe you'll want to do that now that the app has gotten a fresh coat of paint. Samsung is rolling out a big v6.0 update with a new UI and social features.

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Samsung Internet v7.4 hits stable, with Quick Suggest shopping assistant and news notifications [APK Download]

Samsung Internet is a popular alternative to Google Chrome on Android, and not just because it ships on every Samsung device. It gets a lot of things right and its developers are quick to introduce new features. The latest update to the stable channel brings it up to v7.4 and offers a few improvements over the v7.2 release.

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