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Chrome Beta For Android Updated To v29 With WebRTC, Faster Page Loads, And More

A new version of Chrome has hit the beta channel, and that means it's on Android in the Chrome beta app. Most updates these days are staged rollouts, but I'm already seeing version 29 on all my devices. No promises, though.

1 2013-07-16 17.19.37 2

Version 29 of Chrome adds support for WebRTC, a real-time communication API based on JavaScript. This will enable web-based voice calling, video chat, and file sharing without installing any additional software.

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IMDB App Updated To v3.3 With Movie Ticket Purchasing, A Much Improved Watchlist, And More

The IMDB app is one of those things you always end up installing. It's the biggest database of movies, TV episodes, and actors around, after all. Today the app is getting a big update to v3.3. This will refine a few features and add support for movie ticket purchases in the app.

3 1 2

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Audible App Updated To v1.5 With Completely New UI, Simplified Library Management, And More

If you want to listen to an audiobook, Audible is the number one source. Though, the app was never great on Android. It wasn't terrible, but it didn't have a strong Android aesthetic and the layout was strange. With the version 1.5 update, that's a thing of the past. The app looks excellent now, and there are other improvements too.

4 5

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TeamViewer QuickSupport Drops Samsung Exclusivity, Now Offering Free Remote Support On All Devices

We've all been there – your parent, friend, or significant other is having a phone issue, but you're not nearby. The process of talking someone through troubleshooting via IM or voice is frustrating at best. Well, at long last TeamViewer QuickSupport has come to all Android devices. It was previously only available on select Samsung phones. With this app installed, you can access a phone or tablet remotely from a desktop computer running Windows, Linux, or OS X.

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PSA: Google Maps v7 Removed The Traffic Widget But There's An Even Better Directions/Navigation Widget That's Actually Worth Using [Updated]

The new Google Maps app seems to be positive on balance, but there are always some features that get left behind in big updates. There's the odd caching functionality and the complete lack of My Maps, for example. While it may look at first like the missing traffic widget has taken some functionality with it, that's not quite the case. Google Maps v7 contains a new one-tap directions widget that does much more than the Traffic one did.

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Facebook Testing Radical Changes To App Navigation With Bottom Bar, Legacy Menu Button Still Firmly Entrenched

Users are reporting the appearance of a strange new feature in Facebook's Android app – a bottom navigation bar. This appears to be part of Facebook's beta testing program, but not all participants are seeing the new UI element. We've confirmed with multiple people, so this seems like the real deal. Is this what Facebook's app will look like in the future?

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Opera For Android Updated To v15 – Brings A New Version Of Chromium, Faster Startup, Video Downloads, And More

Opera has been a stalwart of the desktop browser wars for many years now. It was besting Microsoft back when it was a viable business model to sell desktop browser licenses for cash money. The company has had some issues more recently, but mobile apps could be the bright spot, especially on days like today. Opera for Android has been updated to v15 with a ton of new features. It also brings a new version of the Chromium-based Ice platform.

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BaconReader Updated To v3.0 – More Efficiently Waste Time On Reddit With A New Tablet UI And More

Reddit isn't going to check itself, so you're going to want a good app to get it done. BaconReader gained an immediate following when it was released a few years back, and that continued after it was acquired by OneLouder Apps. This popular client has just been updated to version 3.0, and there are improvements aplenty.

 3 1 2

The headlining point is the new tablet UI with dual columns and better comment threading.

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Real Racing 3 Shifts Into Overdrive With A Big Update – Improved Graphics, New Cars From Bentley And Mercedes-Benz, And More

Real Racing is one of the more authentic racers on Android, and you can give it a shot for free. There's more reason than ever to take a look now that the game ahs been updated to version 1.2. The developers have made a ton of improvements, including adding licensed cars from more manufacturers.

nexusae0_2013-03-02-16.27.08 nexusae0_2013-03-02-16.32.31 nexusae0_2013-03-02-13.17.16-1

Between all the new game types and events introduced in this update, there are over 180 new races to complete.

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RSS App gReader Updated To v3.3.4, Adds Support For The Old Reader

As you're reading this, the world is about to change. After years of faithful service, Google Reader is about to cease operation. Ever since the announcement was made services like Feedly have been revving up to take its place. The Old Reader is another alternative that doesn't get as much attention, but it's got some admirers. The uber-popular RSS reader app gReader has just been updated with support for The Old Reader to help ease the transition.

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