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Rdio Brings Free Personalized Radio To Mobile App

Even if you're not paying for Rdio's streaming music service, you can now get your groove on with the mobile app. In an effort to attract more users from Spotify and Pandora, Rdio has made its personalized radio streaming service free in the app. The new feature goes live later today with an app update in Google Play.


Rdio has 10 different station types, including those based on artists, genres, songs, and the hyper-personal "You FM." There's no offline caching, and you can't queue up specific songs, but Rdio does have over 20 million tracks to pull into the radio stations.

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Slacker Radio App Gets A Total Redesign And New 'My Vibes' Activity-Based Track Selection

There is no shortage of streaming music services that want to pipe tunes into your ears, but Slacker Radio just made its offering much more attractive for Android users. The app has a brand new clean interface and the option to instantly build a station based on what you happen to be up to.

2013-09-26 17.45.12 2013-09-26 17.46.41 2013-09-26 17.47.50

The app has done away with the strange combination of Metro-style tiles and old fashioned Android tabs that it was rocking before.

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[Poll] The 'Recently Updated' Section Of The Play Store App Has Changed From 7 To 3 Days – Is That Better?

A recent Play Store update to 4.3.10 cleaned up some rough edges and added a few minor features. Although, one of those features was contentious to say the least. The Recently Updated section of the My Apps page listed everything updated for the last week, which could be a long list for users with a lot of apps. It's not seven days anymore, though. Now it's more like three.

nexusae0_thumbnail8 2013-09-16 15.50.01

The Play Store now only considers apps updated in the last three days (give or take a little) to be recent.

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Aldiko Book Reader Premium Updated To v3.0 With A Complete Holo Overhaul

Anyone that reads on a mobile device, but doesn't dig Amazon's Kindle thing is probably using Aldiko. This is a super-popular ebook reader that supports EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM ebooks. It also works with titles rented through public libraries. You're probably going to wish it worked with more services because the new update looks excellent.

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Solid Explorer Updated To v1.5 With Improved Bookmarks Panel, Better Android 4.3 Support, Additional Cloud Services, And More

File manager apps are legion on Android. Whether you want something with a ton of features or just a pretty UI, it's out there. One of the top file managers is Solid Explorer, and it's just gotten a nice update to version 1.5. You can stash your files in more places than ever with this one.

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Roku App Updated With Ability To Stream Video Directly To Roku From Your Device

The Roku app is great for controlling a Roku set-top box, but that's what you have a remote for, right? The app previously included audio and picture streaming from Android devices, but now it goes one step further. The new update allows Android devices to stream video directly to the player over WiFi.

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The 'Play on Roku' tab in the interface has a new entry for videos, which should pull up all the compatible videos on your device organized by folder.

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Facebook Pushes Beta App Update v3.7 With New Status Update Icons, Post/Comment Editing, Photo Album Creation, And More

Facebook started a beta testing program through the Play Store a while back, and if ever there was an app that needed some help from the community, it's Facebook. The newest update to version 3.7 brings a few notable additions, as well as a variety of bug fixes and tweaks.

2013-09-06 04.11.54 2013-09-06 04.12.18

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Google Earth Updated To v7.1.2, Shows Your Geocoded Google+ Photos

Google Maps is practical, but Google Earth is kind of the show off side of Google's mapping project. You can explore satellite imagery from all over the world and check out detailed 3D photos of many areas. Now there's even more to see in Google Earth with the addition of your geocoded Google+ photos.


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AnTuTu Benchmark v4.0 Is Out – Brings A New UI, Improved Benchmark Algorithms, And More

AnTuTu is one of the premiere full system benchmarks available on Android devices. The developers claim to have over 100 million users, and they're all getting a big update to version 4.0. Not only does the new AnTuTu look better, but the way it determines scores has been tweaked to better support faster devices.

2013-09-05 04.30.35 2013-09-05 04.30.56 2013-09-05 04.25.28

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MyGlass App Updated With Support For Remote Control And Input For Screencasts

Odds are you don't yet have access to Google Glass yet, but the MyGlass app should be quite robust by the time you can buy Google's face-computer. A new update to MyGlass allows you to control the Glass UI from the screencast experience on your phone or tablet.

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A screencast on Google Glass is a way to stream the Glass interface in real time to a regular Android device.

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