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Waze introduces new features including lane guidance, traffic notifications, and trip suggestions

At the Waze On virtual event held yesterday, a few interesting new features for the Google-owned navigation app were announced. Lane guidance, something many users have long been calling for, has been in beta since April and is now graduating to the stable version of the app. Trip suggestions and traffic notifications are among the other additions.

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Microsoft Launcher v6 brings landscape mode and updated Feed design to the masses (APK Download)

The Microsoft Launcher can give you more control over your home screen and help bridge the gap between a smartphone and computer, provide it runs Windows. Microsoft Launcher's "Feed" plugs you into numerous Microsoft apps and services you might already use on your computer, and it's getting a makeover. The new update also adds landscape support and various bug fixes. This update first appeared in the preview app, and now it's available in the main Play Store listing as a beta.

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Latest Zoom update adds support for dark mode on Android (APK Download)

Zoom has understandably been one of the most popular apps around these last few months as people have had to forgo in-person meetings — both personal and business — for online video chats. The desktop client has had a dark mode for a little while now, but Android users have had to suffer blinding menu screens before jumping into late-night calls. With the latest update, Zoom for Android finally gets dark mode and a few others new features to boot.

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Telegram 6.3 allows users to send larger files, add profile videos, more (APK download)

As you might have noticed recently, we love Telegram. Whether it's cool features that you may not have seen or helpful gestures and shortcuts, this service has plenty to offer. Today, Telegram rolled out a substantial update that not only adds new features but changes existing ones too. If you've always wanted to have a video as your profile photo, send a file larger than 1.5GB, or take tighter control over who can message you, then this update has some goodies in store for you.

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Google appears to be caving in and bringing back Play Store app update notifications

In a rather annoying move late last year, Google got rid of the Play Store notifications that showed up after your apps got automatically updated. The confusing removal process at first looked like a bug plaguing a handful of users, but Google soon clarified that it was all willful. Taking a U-turn on its initial stance, the company is bringing back those notifications in the Play Store and the associated settings, and they’ve already started appearing for some users.

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Apple Music gets gapless playback on Android (APK download)

A few months after Apple Music expanded to more than 50 new countries, the service's Android app is in for some treats. An update to version 3.3.0 adds some features that music lovers will be happy about, like gapless playback, enhancements to downloads, and the usual "improved overall app performance."

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The new Sonos S2 app is now available on the Play Store

Last month, Sonos announced the all-new Arc soundbar alongside updated versions of the Sonos Five (formerly Play:5) and Sub. At the same time, we learned that a new app would soon be arriving, and that day has now come. The new Sonos app for Android and iOS is out today, while the legacy app remains available for use with some older products that aren't compatible with the new platform.

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Swoot is now Podhero, a new subscription service to help podcast creators get paid

After starting life as a social podcast platform from the founders of HipChat, Swoot is not only being renamed Podhero but its main mission is also changing. Getting recommendations from your friends is still part of the experience (if you want it to be), but the app is now a subscription service that divides what you pay among all the podcasts you listen to. According to the developers, 97% of podcasts don't make money, so this is their attempt to solve the problem and help podcast producers get paid.

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Twitter is rolling out separate 'Retweets with comments' tabbed UI on Android

Twitter is testing a new way of showing users how each tweet has been shared, according to app sleuth Jane Manchun Wong. Right now, if a post has been retweeted, there's a counter showing how many times. What Twitter appears to be toying with is adding a separate counter for retweets that have comments attached to them, as well as a tabbed UI for easily switching between counters once you've open them up. These changes are already live in the iOS version of the app, so it was a matter of time before Android caught up.

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Google Play Store showing mysterious 'empty' app updates

Dozens of updates. No file size. No version change. And they're happening all the time. What's up with the Google Play Store refreshing apps that apparently don't need it?

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