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Telegram updated to v3.14 with 'Instant View' links, interface improvements, faster camera, and more

Telegram updates are always fun. Not only do the developers tend to release substantial new features, but the changelogs and blog posts are amusing. Such is the case with v3.14, which is rolling out now in the Play Store. The Android version is getting some wide-ranging updates to bring it closer in functionality to the iOS app, and there are some all new features like Instant View links. It's like viewing links, but you know... instant.

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Prisma offline mode comes to Android

Prisma came to Android a few months ago with a ton of really impressive photo filters. Whereas some apps with filters try to be subtle, Prisma completely reinterprets the pictures you feed in, turning them into some fancy art. The main drawback; Prisma only worked online. That is finally changing on Android.

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