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Samsung Flow lets you unlock your PC with your Gear watch, enables Smart View to mirror your phone's display

Samsung is building bridges between its different devices through its Flow app. The app can already let you unlock your computer with your phone, sync notifications between your phone and PC/tablet, easily create a hotspot between them if you're not near WiFi, and quickly transfer files. The newest update pushes things even a little further.

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OneDrive 5.7 adds Oreo compatibility and option to restore recently-deleted files [APK Download]

Microsoft pushed out an update to its OneDrive Android app, bringing the version up to 5.7. It adds the ability to restore recently-deleted files in case you accidentally sent them to the trash. It also comes with full Oreo compatibility, which notably includes notification channels and background battery optimization support.

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[Update: Play Store screens, changelog] Moto Camera picks up a fresh, clean new interface for spring

Motorola's got what looks like a flock of new handsets getting ready to make their debut, and recent evidence has sure pointed to that happening sooner rather than later. But fresh hardware isn't the only new look the brand's trying on, as we've also got a software update incoming, sprucing up the camera experience on Motorola phones with a redesigned user interface.

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WhatsApp 2.18.102 brings a voice note recording lock option

If you've been following the WhatsApp rumors, you'd know that we've been promised a voice recording lock option for a while now and it's finally live in the beta channel on version 2.18.102 of the app. The lock won't show up immediately after you start recording a voice note, but after a few seconds it will appear with a little hint that sliding up will lock the microphone on.

Anyone who's used WhatsApp's voice recording knows that it can be a little annoying: you tap the microphone and have to keep it tapped while you're talking then release it to send the message or slide to the left to cancel it.

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Hangouts Meet can now call US and Canadian phone numbers for free

Hangouts Meet is Google's voice/video conferencing software for business use, and it comes as part of G Suite. There's even purpose-built hardware for it that was updated last month. Like similar services, it allows you to create and share a code that can then be used by employees to connect to meetings. The dial-in feature is great for staff on the move, and now that's being extended further.

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WhatsApp's 'change number' feature now includes an option to automatically notify your contacts [APK Download]

Just like moving house, changing your phone number can be a laborious and stressful undertaking. You have to let everyone know and update a bunch of accounts with the correct information. And there's always at least one thing you forget about, frustratingly. An update to WhatsApp's 'change number' feature hopes to make the process a little bit more bearable.

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F-Droid v1.1 update brings full-screen app screenshots, search results sorting, privacy preferences, and more

F-Droid, the most popular open-source app store, got a rather significant facelift last May and was further refined with the release of v1.0 in October. Now it's been updated to v1.1, which brings privacy preferences, search enhancements, UI improvements, bug fixes, and more.

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Waze Carpool is now available in Washington State

Commuters in the Evergreen State have a new option for getting around: Waze Carpool is now available in Washington. Waze says it chose Washington as its new location for the program largely because the state already has a large number of Waze users, with more than 375,000 in Seattle alone.

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Todoist lets you pin projects, labels, and filters to your favorites

I use the task manager Todoist every day to stay on top of my pending orders at the pharmacy and I have learned every trick in the book to make the most of it. There's one feature, however, that I never knew I needed this much until it begun rolling out to beta testers last week and started making its way to the stable app today: Favorites.

I have multiple projects and labels to manage, and often find myself on the web app either reaching for the pointer to manually switch between them or using keyboard shortcuts to get to them.

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Google Keep for Android Wear gets a new UI, removes shortcut to open a note on your phone

Google Keep for Android Wear has made a significant jump from version 2.0.08 to 4.1.091. Along with this jump comes a new design that makes note actions easier to get to, though it does remove one neat feature that I often used.

To start, it's not clear to us whether this is the first proper Android Wear 2.0 APK for Keep or not. From the changelog's wording, it seems like the app is just now being directly distributed on the Play Store to Wear watches instead of the APK coming from the Keep app on your phone - the fact that it's now become compatible with iOS lends credence to that, but again, we're not 100% sure.

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