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Google Maps updates the side menu to fit its new Material look

Over the past few months, Google Maps has received several updates to its design, bottom tabs, and various place listings, all in an effort to make it fit with Google's new Material Design look. What hadn't changed however was the side menu. But that's no longer the case now as Maps has overhauled that menu to fit with the rest of the interface.

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WhatsApp beta adds Unicode 11 emojis, private replies in groups

Back when I was six years old, a teacher showed us the image of an animal and asked us what it was. Several students answered "hippopotamus," and I was left wide-eyed and speechless. I was not used to being one of those who didn't know something, so the feeling stuck with me and I started working harder to avoid being as clueless as I was that day. If that incident is still imprinted in my memory, you can imagine that the hippo holds a special place in my heart too. My husband would tell you that I made him walk the entire Valencia Bioparc twice on our honeymoon because we missed the hippo on our first pass.

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[Update: Formally available for all, plus emoji] Gboard 7.5.6 beta introduces two personalized 'Minis' sticker packs

In his teardown of Gboard v 7.4, Cody saw signs of a new personalized "minis" sticker pack coming. The feature is now live in v7.5.6 beta, which started rolling out today. The new minis stickers are a re-implementation of the selfie stickers that launched on Allo last year — as a matter of fact, many of the options are the same — but instead of one pack, you get two: "Bold mini" and "Sweet mini."

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Messages 3.7.052 brings back Smart Reply and fixes the constant crashing on Wear OS [APK Download]

When Messages 3.7 rolled out a few days ago, something wasn't right with the app. On Android phones, Smart Reply was gone while other features were added, and on Wear OS watches, the app was crashing constantly. Thankfully, a new update to v3.7.052 on both phones and watches is rolling out, and it fixes both issues.

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Sonos now lets you update devices automatically

Our connected life is certainly getting more complex with time. With the convenience of smart/Wi-Fi enabled devices comes the trouble of keeping everything up-to-date. Some companies choose to stick with manual updates, forcing you to manually approve every minor version change. Others opt for automatic updates, removing the guesswork and friction out of the process. Sonos used to be part of the first category, but now the company has added an option for seamless updates.

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Instagram two-factor authentication app support is now live

Securing your account logins with two-factor authentication (2FA) is a very healthy online habit to get into, but it can be annoying when services decide to only send the codes via SMS. An authentication app isn't only more convenient, it's also safer because regular messages could still be intercepted or forwarded. For a while now, Instagram was one of very few accounts I use that only supported 2FA via SMS, but proper authentication app support was promised recently, and now it appears to be rolling out.

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Google News 5.5 brings a dark theme to the entire app [APK Download]

The march of the dark themed apps continues. After YouTube, Android Messages, the new Google Discover feed, Gboard, and teasers for several other apps, Google News is the lucky recipient of a dark theme update in version 5.5.

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Gboard 7.6.13 can automatically turn on a dark theme when battery saver is active [APK Download]

It's been a few months since Cody found signs of Gboard's support for a battery saver dark theme toggle, but now the feature is finally rearing its head in the latest update to the app, v7.6.13.

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WhatsApp Beta 2.18.301 brings picture-in-picture video playback for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

WhatsApp is on one of its new-feature update rolls. In the past couple of weeks, the app has added Android Pie's native notification inline photo support, brought the swipe to reply gesture from iOS to Android, and today it's adding one more feature on our platform that our iOS friends have enjoyed for months: picture-in-picture video playback.

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WhatsApp Beta 2.18.300 adds swipe to reply gesture

iOS users have enjoyed a neat gesture in WhatsApp for a long time that us Android fans have been denied: a simple swipe to reply on any message. For the past few weeks, this feature has been rumored to be coming to Android and now it's finally live in the latest beta.

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